Kavanaugh protesters flood Grassley’s office before the hearing: “We have to talk about some things”

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Kavanaugh Protesters Flood Chuck Grassley’s Office

Protesters demanded the Senate Chairman of the legal Committee, without delay, the confirmation hearings for judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The protesters, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s office, the Committee, in its third day of Supreme court hearings, to deny — once again — call to the legislature, the confirmation of nominee Brett Kavanaugh.took over

About two dozen people crowded inside Grassley in Washington, DC, office in the Hart Senate Office Building early Thursday. The protesters, mostly from various women’s rights groups, clapped and sang, as she called Grassley’s ear.

“Chuck Grassley, come out, we repeatedly talk about a few things,” the demonstrators.

Protesters in Grassley’s office now, and Chuck Grassley come to sing, “we have something to talk to”, as they protest Brett Kavanaugh.

— Jason Thunder (@jason_donner) 6. September 2018


Capitol police are aware of the protesters and the “Stand-by” to remove them, if necessary, Fox News confirmed Thursday morning.

“Women, the decisions, the rights of women,” the group — including the members of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Women’s March, the center for Popular democracy, among other things, also cried.

The protesters said they would not Grassley’s office to leave until he agreed to delay the negotiations.

“Shut up, Brett Kavanaugh to the bottom,” some commented.

Protesters women chanting “the opportunities, the rights of women,” Senate judiciary Cmte Chairman Chuck Grassley’s office about SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

— Jason Thunder (@jason_donner) 6. September 2018

Kavanaugh opening speech, 77 minutes of Tuesday were closed with a delay after Democrats together, in order for a delay as they checked the last-minute release of 42,000 documents. They complained also about missing documents in connection with Kavanaugh’s service in the Bush White House.


“We can’t move forward,” Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said on Tuesday.

Harris, Sr., and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., moved to adjourn and postpone the hearings until they were able to review the newly submitted documents — a request that received wild praise from protesters in the audience.

But Grassley denied quickly, your demand.

“Can I ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, to go as long as you want, because I’m not going to entertain any of the movements you make, we are in executive session and I think we should level with the American people-you want this to do all day?”, he asked.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw and Jason Donner contributed to this report.

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