Kavanaugh clashes with Democratic senator on the Yearbook entries

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Sen. Whitehouse ask Kavanaugh about his Yearbook page

Judge Kavanaugh clarifies comments on his high-school Yearbook page, during a Senate hearing.

Words written by Brett Kavanaugh, in his 1983 at Georgetown Prep Yearbook was references in the limelight in the last couple of days after a New York Times article highlighted some of Kavanaugh. The book was brought, defended, during a Senate hearing on Thursday as Kavanaugh himself against several sexual misconduct allegations.

According to the times, Kavanaugh Yearbook, his love of parties, sports, and drinking revealed. He also apparently described himself as a “Renate Alumni” and is related to Renate Schroeder Dolphin, a woman at a nearby Catholic school.

“I don’t know what ‘Renate Alumnus” means. I can’t understand start to what is going on in the minds of the 17-year-old guys who write such things, but this is awful, hurtful and simply untrue. I pray their daughters will never be treated this way. I’m told no further comment,” a Dolphin, and the Times earlier this week, adding they only recently heard about the Yearbook page.


Democratic sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said Kavanaugh on Thursday the hearing of the Yearbook pages were relevant, because it was of the time, many of the alleged incidents have taken place. He asked Kavanaugh if some of the words that were written inside his own.

“We submitted things to the editor and I think you took it. I don’t know if they changed things or not,” Kavanaugh replied, not adding that he sit still, and the dispute of the decades-old comments.

“You have, if you would like to go through my Yearbook,” he fired back. “If you have to worry about my Yearbook, senator.”


Whitehouse then asked Kavanaugh, in what is called the “Beach week Ralph’s Club-the Largest contributor”. Kavanaugh has admitted that it is throwing is probably a nod to this, adding that he has always been known to have a “weak stomach.”

Kavanaugh continued to say that he “busted his butt” in school, in the school, while Whitehouse pressed him on whether his vomiting was in connection with the consumption of alcohol.

“I like beer. I like beer. You like beer, senator? What would you like to drink?” Kavanaugh replied.

Whitehouse, moved on then, ask Kavanaugh to define the word “boof”, the judge said, refers to flatulence.

“We were 16,” Kavanaugh clarified. “We want to talk about flatulence at the age of 16 years on a Yearbook page? I’m game.”

Later, the Whitehouse, the “Renate-Alumni” reference in the Yearbook.

Kavanaugh said she was a “great friend” who often hung out with his friend group. He reiterated, noting that he pulled earlier statement commenting on the phrase in his opening, that to a sexual interaction, and apologized to, your name got “cocoa.”

Alexandra Walsh, a lawyer for Kavanaugh, told the Times in a statement earlier this week that the judges and Dolphin attended a school event.

“Judge Kavanaugh and Mrs Dolphin, together attended a high school event and shared a short kiss good night after this event,” the statement said. “They had no such encounter. The language of judge Kavanaugh’s high school Yearbook refers to the fact that he and Ms. Dolphin attended a high school event together, and nothing else.”

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