Katy Perry is going to appeal against the decision has

Katy Perry is going to appeal against the ruling, which it has committed with the song Dark Horse. The singer and her team do not believe that they will get the number copied to from the release of the Flame.

Perry was, at the end of July, convicted of piracy by Joyful Noise, a song by christian rapper Flame. The song ” Dark Horse, showed, according to the judges has a lot of similarities with this issue. The judge ruled that the singer is 2,78 million dollars (2.5 million euros) must be paid on It, and some of the writers are. The singer has filed Wednesday, the documents in which it states that it is in the appeal to proceed.

In Perry’s attorneys filed the documents, the similarity between the two songs and the small, frequently used items where you have to be a point of discussion. Also, the plaintiffs have no copyright to the beat of the song. A third argument was that the geldeisers not be able to prove that the writers of the Dark Horse, to have access to Joyful Noise before the song was written.

Perry’s lawyers will ask the judge to have the verdict of the jury set aside, and a new trial is to start, or the compensation, as to why the rapper is asking to reduce it. Also, among others, Dr. “Luke, Max Martin, Juicy J, with whom Perry, the song was, they were found guilty of plagiarism.


Spot the difference: Dark Horse vs. Joyful Noise

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