Katy Perry and the record company to release millions of pay after it has

Katy Perry and her record company should release It as a compensation 2,78 million dollars (2.5 million euros) to pay, for her song Dark Horse, it’s too similar to his song Joyful Noise. A U.s. district court ruled that on Friday.

The American singer was found guilty of plagiarism, but was heard later on the amount they have to pay for it.

Perry, himself, has to be something more than 550,000 us $ 496.000 euros) to pay. The rest of the amount to be paid for by Capitol Records, the record company they are under contract.

Mark Gray, such as the release of It in it’s real name, he wrote the song, Joyful Noise, along with two others in 2009. It’s going to be one of the best christian lyrics. Perry released her hit Dark Horse in 2013.

In the case of the singer, and If you have had it since July of 2014.


Spot the difference: Dark Horse vs. Joyful Noise

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