Katja Schuurman wants more ‘grumpy’ photos on Instagram convert

Katja Schuurman wants more ‘grumpy’ photos on Instagram convert


Presenter and actress Katja Schuurman is active on social media, but to place particular photos which they are the fun moments from her life to share. She finds it “unfair” that there are few imperfections to be shown on platforms like Instagram.

In an interview with Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad says the 42-year-old Schuurman that many well-known people in media “drop in a way that is completely perfect”.

The presenter admits that they themselves were also pictures put that positivity to radiate. “I have sometimes thought: I must take a photo to post which I quite grumpy look. But I’m not very often cranky and when I’m with someone quarrel, I also do not at that time take a picture to post.”

“Pictures for Instagram you can now once especially with the beautiful and lovely moments and not if you break you are bored on the couch. But I promise: that I go more often.”

Obsessive-compulsive neurosis

In the interview, Schuurman also about her dwangmatigheid, who they are thanks to medications under control and knows how to keep. “It is mainly used in the figures. Someone calls a year, and then I go very much to count with number sequences, and so on. A lot of people have something in that direction, but I took it at a particular time.”

“It could also be my day to ruin it, it was no longer my body, and it was only the next day of: new rounds, new opportunities. So, I have a few years less of my life. Therefore, I swallow drugs now, a outcome. Many people are still reluctant to use, but it can improve the quality of life really improve. I am so much happier now.”

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