Katja Schuurman took her search for Osama Bin laden to go too far

Katja Schuurman took her search for Osama Bin laden to go too far

Katja Schuurman has an extensive career, but the presenter feel that they have in the past occasionally too far gone. For example, when they program Mission Unfindable went looking for Osama Bin laden.

“In retrospect, I am often gone too far, such as Osama Bin laden search in Afghanistan on roads where ied layers. Continuously I went over my boundaries,” says the 42-year-old presenter, in conversation with the magazine’s Wendy.

The BNN-program, which Schuurman, among others, went searching for the Saudi-Arabian terrorist, was in the season 2003-2004 broadcast. Also for other programs attracted Schuurman everything out of the closet.

“I have a fear of heights but I jump of the biggest bungee jump in the world. (…) At home, I broke down every time. Said Thijs (Römer, ex-husband, red.): “Good. Always, if you have for BNN on the path, I get a wreck back.”


But not only her husband signed the objection as Schuurman went too far. Also her mother, Sonja Woods, acted as the situation threatened to walk.

“The BNN-program Try before you die wanted her Mont Blanc to send. For experienced rock climbers, I have gathered information or someone that just could”, according to Bos in the same magazine.

According to the mountaineers, the company was life-threatening. “I was Katja afzegde. Sophie Hilbrand took her place. It was a hellish trip, because Sophie had to take shelter from the storm. Everything for the ratings, stupid.”

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