Katja Schuurman, Najib Amhali were wrong in the new program

Katja Schuurman, Najib Amhali did not provide for the creation of the new program to The game, they are so heavy it would fall over. In a conversation with tell them they are ugly or have made a mistake in the level of difficulty of the tasks they had to perform.

In The Battle to take Schuurman, Amhali on behalf of the Netherlands Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, who represented Belgium. In the four broadcasts to the participants of the intensive instruction.

“It seems as though there are on paper much easier. We spent months training and practicing,” said Amhali. “We thought at first that it was a laugh and we have fun stuff to learn. We have to be ourselves and to truly be cursed when we were working on, because everything is so much heavier than we expected,” says Schuurman says.

Also the home of the actress and the comedian, it was sometimes painful. “My family and I had wished that the order for the trumpet to learn to play and Katja had gone away,” laughs Amhali. “Our house is in quite a hole, and thus it echoed through the house, which is a bit annoying for them. I actually had to wait until I was alone in the house was, and I was able to practice.”

“It took a long time before I mustered the courage to try

The Dutch and the Belgian team came out without a scratch on it. So, rent Schuurman in her hamstring in a tug of war during a touwtjespringchoreografie. And Amhali ended up in a corner, under a motorcycle.

“It has been a long time before I mustered the courage to try it,” says Amhali over the incident. With the help of his coach, he went back to work. “He’s got me ingepraat and gave me tricks to learn. I had to look at him and not at the bar where I was riding. My body didn’t want to, but my mind slowed down. He went a little bit further away, and continued to insist that I didn’t go to the ground and was allowed to watch it. He really has shown me that fear is victory.”

For all of the orders were for the two of the danger out of it. Thus, Schuurman’s learned as a machine to be able to then turn this into a raw egg into an egg cup and they had the flags, capital cities and populations of every country in the world, made up her mind to learn.

“I was thinking that I just might do that, but it wasn’t bad. In some countries, I thought they were joking because I had never heard of before. But these populations were still of the allerlastigst, because there is almost no easy trick you can think of,” she says.

“When I was a Belgenmop was trying to make, there was booing’

Schuurman, Amhali, were under heavy pressure during the recording of the program. “The jump rope I have had so long practised, that I am flawless, wanted to do it and I did the production and asked if I could do it, if it was to go wrong, but they were relentless,” says Schuurman. Amhali had the same experience in playing the trumpet. “I was there for hours and hours and hours and hours to practising, and if I get one note wrong it would be playing, I would be once and for all.”

In addition, in the current season, with the Belgian team and was still a bit loose. “Katja, it is nice to see, and I was instantly captivated,” says Amhali. To the public, they were, however, not because the program in Belgium was recorded. “As a Girl it’s a joke he made, was in the audience twice when he has a song to sing, everyone knew the lyrics. Then, I wanted to be a Belgenmop and there was booing,” said Amhali.

Of the two, don’t expect them to have a set of the show is going to make it. “It was a fun thing to do, but it is still nice to have. I really made a mistake in the amount of time it takes for these things to be really good. You can also get there through bluff,” says Schuurman.

The Battle is starting from the 22nd of december at 20: 00 on RTL 4 show.

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