Katja Schuurman energy due to yogaretraite to better distribute the

Katja Schuurman, who, last month, South Africa gave to them and to do so in a yogaretraite her attention to his own words, ” it is now more distributed. The actress and presenter’s notes that the structure of the day, the benefits it brings.

In the interview with the newspaper De Telegraaf, says the 44-year-old Schuurman is that they are in the South of Africa, with himself in the conversation, it is gone”. “In a world where we’re all at the station ‘doorracen are, after all, it’s sometimes good to take a few steps back. Now, I know what my pitfalls are, and that’s what I had to, sorry.”

The actress, who will soon be seen in the new zondagavondshow of The Battle, says that they are “always on the run, and to fly in. “No priorities could be set up or a real structure in my life, and have enough to enjoy what I was doing.”

Therefore, she was often upset, irritable, and indecisive. “At the retreat, I have, by talking a lot, and my issues with myself, to write, to be learned, my attention was drawn to us. So, no more of my energy to evaporate like steam from a pot of boiling water without a lid on it, but my energy was pooling and, as in a kettle, with one exit straight ahead.”

Schuurman has, therefore, decided that her day is a solid way to begin with, and now every day at 6: 00 a.m. in the morning. “In a specially decorated gazebo, the practice of yoga is to do it, and just something to think about: what did I do yesterday, or less of, and what is my intention for the day? It makes me feel calm after it, is incredibly powerful.”

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