Katie defended Pavlich trump card for defending himself, calls MSNBC’s Scarborough

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President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi trade series of personal barbs as feud becomes more intense, reaction and analysis on ‘the Five.’

There is a double standard for President Trump in his war of words with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Fox News contributor, Katie Pavlich says it, and criticized Democrats and the media for favoring Pelosi. In fact, Pavlich of the President for the defense defended.

“I love how the phrase, “always under someone’s skin’ is now defined by simply the a reaction to attacks. Remember, as [then-Supreme Court nominee Brett] Kavanaugh defended himself and everyone is like, ‘he is too angry to be on the Supreme court.’ This is basically the same thing,” Pavlich The Five said on Friday while co-hosting “.”


“She begs for him to cover up in front of everyone, to calm the Democratic caucus to hit after a charge, and then wonders why the President would have something to say about your behavior and what you do.”

Trump and Pelosi went back and forth Thursday, the speaker asks to keep the family of the President, an intervention for trump by his meeting with the route to the Start on Wednesday. Trump replied Pelosi was “the same person, you lost.”

Pavlich MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called said on Friday that the President was “pre-dementia.”

“People very close to him, and told us that he was afraid he was pre-dementia, that he had changed. You can see Donald Trump in the late 1980s, also in the 90s, you watch him now, he’s completely changed,” Scarborough said.

“We can do talk about the media, their own self-diagnosis of the problem? Like, you’re not allowed to have all the jokes told now about Jerry Nadler is a Problem, but people like Joe Scarborough are allowed to go on national television and say that people have told him, without really anyone to nominate, the President’s pre-dementia,” Pavlich.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler, D-NY, had to medically Friday supplies scare after health, at an event in New York City.


His office said that he only felt sick, but not weak, the defense report. A spokesman for Nadler told Fox News that Congress seems to have deputies, “was dehydrated.”

Pavlich, the representatives of the media for speculation on the president’s health criticized.

“I remember … we were told allowed to ask someone’s health, if it came, but now the news anchors are diagnostic of the mental health of the population,” Pavlich.

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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