Kate Upton is called ‘murderer’ by animal rights activists for cooperation with retailer

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Model Kate Upton was called a “murderer” by animal rights activists, who crashed out of a fitness class she was hosting.

The 27-year-old was in New York City and fitness classes in the several activists entered the class, saying: “Shame on you, murderer,” while carrying a sign reading “Kate Upton Animal abuser.”

The same man who was later reported to have said: “Coyotes get shot in the head and strangled to death.”


The protest ended with the activists, were led out by security.

The protests, which were inspired by Upton’s co-operation with the retailer in the Canada Goose, which has received negative attention for its use of real coyote fur, and goose down, in the area of high-end products.

A criticism of Upton, began last month, when she shared a photo on Instagram announcing the collaboration.

Happy #WorldKindnessDay,” she said in the caption. “It’s so important to be kind to the world around us, not just today, but every day. I am very proud to work together with a Canada Goose and PBI in order to help raise awareness and to ensure a future for polar bears.”

The picture featured her and her husband, pro baseball player Justin Verlander, is decked out in the attire of the company.


“I recently had the honor of visiting the new PBI’s House to learn more about the polar bear, polar bear research and the role each of us play in polar bear conservation,” the model continued to be in the caption. “No, thank you, @canadagoose & @polarbearsinternational in front [of you] in the work to make this world a better place.”

Commenters, however, had strong feelings about the Upton co-operation with retailers, who are at the center of controversy for its use of real fur and down to her expensive and parkas, with some being sold for more than $1,000.

“As the world kindness day, and you partner with a company that has the feathers of a duck, of their jackets! Think about it, and at goose farms,” one user wrote.

“It can’t be left behind on this one, Kate Upton. The Canada Goose can help the polar bears, but they are killing the local animals for the advantage of those is that you have to promote it!” is that of an echo.

“Come on, come on. How do the Canada Goose as they are for the killing of foxes for the fur and the torture (yes, torture) of the ducks, the down? Really appreciate your effort to be nice to you, but this is unfair,” alleged.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of Canada Goose, the maker of the stuff, with real fur trim and down to the ethics of the sourcing, that is a long time being questioned by organizations such as PETA. The brand, however, has argued that the ethical falls coyotes (the hotel is on the lines of a number of of the jacket has a hood), in accordance with Canada’s Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS), and the Best Practices in the U.S., according to Newsweek.

In particular, some of the pitfalls that are permitted under the AIHTS are banned in other countries, including the european union. In America, there are laws that regulate fur trapping vary from state to state.


As for the goose down used in the filling of the coat’s interior, Canada Goose, said they will work with Hutterite down feathers come from renewable sources such as by-products of the meat industry, by Years.

“We believe that all animals are entitled to humane treatment in life and in death, we are deeply committed to the ethical and responsible sourcing and the responsible use of all animal derived materials used in our products, and the brand of the coat and down to the policy to read. “We have to do is not to intentionally abuse, neglect, or acts that deliberately cause the animal unnecessary suffering. Our standards of sourcing, and the use of animal fur, down and wool, it reflects our concern is that the materials are derived from animals that have not been subjected to willful cruelty or unnecessary harm.”

Reps for Upton and a Canada Goose, do not immediately react to Fox News’ request for comment.

Fox News’ Janine Puhak, contributed to this report

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