Karl Lagerfelds (85) two great loves: fashion and cat Choupette

He was one of the most iconic faces of the fashion world. With his perpetual sunglasses, white ponytail and black suit, tie could not-modekenners him quickly to mind. A profile of Karl Lagerfeld, who Tuesday at the age of 85 died.

Lagerfeld was in 1933 born in Hamburg, Germany. First, the designer was born in 1938, and later it was again in 1933. In 2013, he said actually to have been born in 1935. The confusion knows Lagerfeld to his mother, but why she the birth of her son changed, he knew not.

Already at a young age showed Lagerfeld’s interest in fashion and he made collages of reports from fashion magazines. He began his career as a young man in his twenties, in 1955, when he was hired as the assistant to designer Pierre Balmain. He jumped in the eye of the Frenchman after Lagerfeld in a design competition, won (his competitor was, incidentally, one other well-known designer, Yves Saint Laurent).

The first collection received a lot of criticism

After three years of stepped Lagerfeld to the also French designer Jean Patou. The first collection that he made, that he’s inspired on the initials of his name, was poorly received, and according to one of the journalists present would be the audience of the collection have booed. “A few of the short black dresses are so widely cut at the front, and a few of the available female journalists to breath snakten”, was written about Lagerfelds first collection.

In 1963, the designer for Tiziani, which he for six years was attached to. These collections were given more positive reviews and also actress Elizabeth Taylor was a big fan.

The designer started in 1964 with the fashion house Chloé, where he per fashion season in a few pieces designed. The collection, which in 1973 he made, it was called remarkable and are labelled as ‘high fashion and high camp’. The pieces included the so-called “surprise skirt”, a kind of divided skirt. In 1965 began Lagerfeld is also a collaboration with Italian fashion house Fendi.

Designer made Chanel large

Lagerfeld was in 1983 the new chief designer of Chanel. Meanwhile, characteristic components of the well-known fashion brand such as the logo with the two C’s, chains and the use of tweed, were by the German on clothing and accessories is introduced.

The designs of Lagerfeld made sure that the brand grew into one of the world’s best known brands, and he has made several lines that, in contrast to earlier designs, also portable to a wider audience. “Coco Chanel (the founder of Chanel), this would terribly have found”, said Lagerfeld several times. The designer was known as an innovative designer who’s eye for future trends.

Lagerfeld in 1987 (photo: REUTERS).

He also decided that, at the time, unknown and nineteen-year-old model Claudia Schiffer as well in a Chanel show, which eventually led to her worldwide breakthrough. It was the first time that the fashion brand a model hired that have no professional catwalkervaring, which are controversial in the fashion world. Schiffer grew to Lagerfelds, but also chanel’s muse, and opened and closed a large part of the Chanel shows in the nineties.

It was not the only choice that Lagerfeld made that noise caused in the fashion world. So ran Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour in 1993 away from a Fendi show, because Lagerfeld’s strippers and a porn star hired to make his designs.

Career was extended

In 1987, expanded Lagerfeld his resume by also as a photographer to get started. He photographed modecampagnes of his own label and was art photography.

Around the same time, he has also started with its own fashion label, he was described as ‘intellectual and sexy’.

In the nineties continued to Lagerfeld to work for Chanel, and under his rule he was among the miniskirts big (in combination with a tweedjasje) and also the jeans with high waist. Also, he used in his creations with a profusion of jewelry.

A visibly fuller Lagerfeld in 1997

Lagerfeld fell 42 kilo

When the new millennium arrived, made Lagerfeld a transformation. He fell within thirteen months and 42 pounds due to a diet that was created by dr. Jean Claude Houdret, and holds as its goal weight: 60 kilos with a length of 1,78 meters.

“I had a sudden sense to me otherwise, to dress, to wear clothing designed by Hedi Slimane. But his designs are worn by very slim boys – who are much younger than I am – and therefore I felt compelled to at least 40 kilos.”

The designer continued controversy provide. In 2001 there was, as Lagerfeld fur used in his designs, action against him conducted by the American animal rights organisation PETA. During a fashion event, the organisation wanted to him, therefore, pelting with cakes. In place of Lagerfeld, however, was designer Calvin Klein is hit.

Incidentally, wore Lagerfeld, despite his bontgebruik in his collections, own no fur, and he ate hardly any meat.

Karl Lagerfeld (85) died



Beckham received the award for her performance in fashion.

Ten years ago surprised Karl Lagerfeld friend and enemy by teaming up with the chain, which are relatively costly to design also for the public at large became payable.


epa04034105 German designer Karl Lagerfeld (L) appears on the catwalk with British model Cara Delevingne (R) after the presentation of his Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture collection for Chanel fashion house during the Paris Fashion Week, in Paris, France, 21 January 2014. The presentation of The Haute Couture collections runs from 19 to 24 January. EPA/IAN LANGSDON

Karl Lagerfeld thank you Florence Welch.

Cooperation with H&M

The designer made not only couturestukken. In 2004, he was the first famous designer that a collection made for the Swedish fashion chain H&M. The clothing got sold out in no time, but despite this success gave Lagerfeld later to know that he “would never want to collaborate with H&M”. He said it was bad to find that the fashion chain as few pieces produced and so a lot of people had been disappointed.

In 2012 the German’s again a statement which is a world of commotion. In an interview with Metro, he called singer Adele “a little too fat”. The interview led to furious fans and this did Lagerfeld decide to be an open letter to write in which he presents his excuses. Not even half a year later he made the same ‘mistake’ by Pippa Middleton, the sister of the British duchess, Kate, to criticize on her looks. “I think her face is not beautiful. They would only her back.”

But the designer was also well-known fans. “Karl has made me realize that myself are the only correct option is”, says actress Kristen Stewart, one of the muses of Lagerfeld, who also played the leading role played in a short Chanel film, which was directed by the German. “In the fashion world is that unique.” Other well-known stars who have a lot of clothes from Chanel and Lagerfeld carry his model Cara DeLevingne, actress Keira Knightley and singer Lily Allen.


Karl Lagerfeld about thin models, burqa’s and Merkel

Lagerfeld led peculiar love life

The designer was since the beginning of the seventies, together with the young dandy Jacques de Bascher, who, in 1989, at the age of 38 died of aids. In a candid interview with journalist Marie Ottavi told Discus that he and The Bascher during those eighteen years, never had sex. The Bascher had during these eighteen years, also an affair with the designer Yves Saint Laurent. According to Pierre Bergé, the partner of Saint Laurent, would Lagerfeld this affair “initiated” with the intent of competing fashion house in the way, claimed to be the designer.

“I want to marry Choupette’

After the death of The Bascher, there is little more known about the love life of the designer. He was especially loving on his cat Choupette, which he, in 2012, in took home. The cat got its own twitter account and Lagerfeld was so fond of his cat, that he said in an interview “that he was going to marry her, if that is legal would be”. “It’s the richest cat in the world,” said Lagerfeld in conversation with The Cut. “They earned the past year, 3 million euro, thanks to two advertising campaigns. They should not advertise food, she is too posh for it.”

Lagerfeld signs a portrait of Choupette

‘People attack me always difficult’

Lagerfeld spent little time outdoors and had to say that hate to travel. “I think it’s a nightmare,” he told The Cut. “The airports, and all the people who only have selfies to take… I’d rather stay at home to read. I don’t want to be photographed by strangers. People I’m always hard.”

During his career, received a Lagerfeld several prestigious awards. In 2016, was the designer of the Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Fashion Awards.

In 2017, he received, after the end of the Chanel fashion show, La Médaille Grand Vermeil de la Ville de Paris, the main prize of the French city of Parisians give. “You make Paris more magical,” said mayor Anne Hidalgo during the presentation.

At the end of January for the first time since 1983 that Lagerfeld the presentation of a new collection of Chanel during the Paris Fashion Week did not attend. According to his spokesperson he was “tired” and he had therefore to turn up.

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