Karin Bloemen is like to be snubbed by the daughters

Karin Bloemen is like to be snubbed by the daughters

Karin Bloemen sees puberty as a stage in which children learn to control their power. “The more my daughters against me, snarling, the more I think: what is good. I do not want that they are compliant hats are.”

Flowers believes it is important that her daughters, Eliane (17) and Iona (18) off dare to bite. “If they are that against me to dare to say ‘Thought not, rot!’, then they dare that will also be against a boss, an error boyfriend or a bastard in an alley.”

In an interview with Wife says the comedian: “the harder they their mother has to push, the better they learn to take care of themselves. Hitting them hard with the doors, I say to my husband: ‘Look, that is strong. Very fine.’ I’m only happy about it,” says Flowers. “And when I say, they find me a stupid bitch. Delicious!”


The 56-year-old singer was as a child, for years abused by her stepfather. However, Flowers are not faster anxious for her daughters to what she as a child endured. “I’m worried, because I’m a mother, not for what I have experienced. I’m just seeing if my mother was. I also make mistakes and my daughters have also experienced things I had for want to protect.”

“We get at birth, well after all a backpack, and that is during the life crammed with experiences. Nice and nasty. And through those experiences, we are also wiser and we learn the life to see and where our strengths lie.”

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