Karin Bloemen is gastric

Karin Bloemen is gastric

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Karin Bloemen has apart from a stomach reduction, after she commented had spoken with a doctor. The comedian wanted to know what the procedure came to watch.

“I’m really shocked. I know the success stories,” says Flowers in the Story.

The 56-year-old singer says that after a gastric no more extension would be allowed to eat. Also, she was afraid of the consequences for her voice. “Sing, I do not only with my vocal chords, I sing from my stomach. When I sound to produce, so do my ribs, lungs and intestines all of us.”

“I must not think that they during the surgery, something would hit, so I am never more at my level would be able to sing,” continues Flowers. “I remain, therefore, prefer at my current weight or even slightly heavier, than that I risk is my voice to lose. Although I find it will be very tough as people this surgery is undergone.”


Another reason to not get a stomach reduction to undergo the 134 dresses that she has hanging in her size. “That I would then throw away. Something they call a destruction of capital,” she explains in the magazine.

Flowers fell for the theatrical performance of Cirque Stiletto 3 to fifteen kilos. Currently her voice can be heard in the animated film Sing.

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