Kardashian effect: Florida woman says Trump commuted your sentence, after the plea of Alice Johnson

nearvideo President Trump is mild to 11 convicted criminals, including Rod Blagojevich

In a flood of grace granted, Trump correspondent John Roberts reports also pardoned former New York City police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, financiers Michael Milken and the former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr; chief White House.

Judith Negron eight years of a 35-year sentence in Florida, had served prison for health care fraud, conspiracy and money laundering.

She was shuttled to one of many, whose sentence was, on Tuesday from President Trump.

On Wednesday, she told The Associated Press that her case was brought up from $205 million Medicare-fraud Scam, Trumping the attention of a woman who got herself grace, at the insistence of the reality-TV star Kim Kardashian West.

Judith Negron Interview at her home in Hialeah, Fla., Wednesday. (AP Photo/Terry Renna)

“I had angel some protection, as I call them, such as Alice Johnson, who had for me behind the scenes,” Negron told The Associated Press in an interview at her home shortly after her dismissal.

Johnson was crimes life without parole for drug, when Trump granted your grace in June 2018. It was in 1996 sentenced to a year on eight criminal accounts with a Memphis-based cocaine operation.

Johnson appeared in one of trump’s campaign ads during this year’s Super Bowl.

She told The AP that the President was looking specifically for female candidates, and they asked for a list of other women that deserved mercy.


Negron, which was 50 in the next week, the 11 Federal inmates around the nation, which received grace of the actions by the President. The Hispanic woman was sentenced, as a first-time offender, the 2011 in a case that made national headlines.

President Trump has worked, outside of the traditional pardon process in the rule Department, in favour of cases that attract his attention. looked after by the justice Some championed, of friends, of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian-West, or in conservative media. (FILE)

Authorities said that she and two co-defendants bribed and kickbacks to owners and operators of assisted living facilities and halfway houses, and patient brokers in exchange for the delivery of disabled patients to their mental health facility.

The FBI as Negron the fate of one of the longest sentences imposed ever in a Medicare Fraud Strike Force case.

Trump has worked, outside of the traditional pardon process in the rule Department, in favour of cases that attract his attention.looked after by the justice

Kardashian West for Johnson’s release from prison a prominent plot line on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, including an interaction with trump was a fight even.


Negron family drove about four hours in the middle of the night to pick them up from the prison, said on Wednesday they were sleeping is also overjoyed.

Family and friends flocked to the house with flowers and balloons.

Negron said she had dreamed of embracing their young without any restrictions, take a shower in your own home, and “tucking them into bed, and I don’t know how I will welcome you, that you are all grown up, but at least one night.”

Negron said she plans to help others in the grace process.

“I see this as a miracle that was given to me by the President of Trump and his administration, and I feel a responsibility to pay this blessing forward, because there are a lot of deserving people like me, I want to ensure they are not forgotten,” said Negron, sitting on the couch in jeans and a T-shirt.

Judith Negron Interview at her home in Hialeah, Fla., Wednesday. (AP Photo/Terry Renna)

With tears in her eyes, her husband Hector Negron described the education of her two boys, 4 and 10 years old when she was convicted, describes the sad, lonely house, and the vacations spent to visit, you can travel to Virginia.


“We want to say say thank you [Trump] personally,” her husband and high school sweetheart. “I don’t see it politically, because I’m nobody. We are not political people.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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