Kansas man testified he chopped a woman’s body to protect his family: ‘It’s something I had to do it”

Justin Todd Rey, 36, testified that he chopped of his wife’s body to protect his family.

(Johnson County Sheriff’s Office)

A Kansas man told a court Tuesday that he chopped of his wife’s body in a hotel after committed suicide to protect his family.

Justin Todd Rey, 36, appeared in front of a Johnson County judge to explain during his preliminary hearing why he spent eight hours hacking on Jessica Rey’s body into pieces in October last year, The Kansas City Star reported.

“It is something I had to do,” Rey said in court. “My family is very dear to me. It is something I had to do to protect my family.”

Jessica Rey gave birth to a baby in a bath at a Kansas City, Mo., hotel and then himself killed. Justin Rey, instead of calling the police for help, dismembered his wife’s body so that he could be her remains in Arizona, while caring for their newborn and two-year-old daughter.

Man who dismembered his wife’s body took the stand in his own preliminary hearing. That rarely happens in Johnson County.

— tony rizzo (@trizzkc) September 4, 2018

Authorities of the body parts in the bags at a store in the lenexa, Kansas.


Rey, who is not charged in the death of his wife, entered a not guilty plea Tuesday to charges of two counts of aggravated child endangerment and two counts of contributing to a child’s misconduct. He was also charged with abandonment of a corpse in Missouri.

Rey had initially officials with conflicting reports about what happened on the day that his wife died. He has previously said that she died in childbirth, but lenexa police detective Shannon Murphy testified that Rey told her that his wife has committed suicide.

After he and his children pose for pictures with her body, Rey said he “skinned her like a fish,” says Murphy. They said Rey flushed parts of the body that would not fit in containers in the toilet.

The police discovered Rey and his children in a storage after the receiving of calls. The officer said Rey’s daughter “almost looked like she had cancer” with bags under her eyes and thinning hair. Multiple witnesses say that the newborn also had a severe eye infection.


On Tuesday, Rey refused to put his children in danger and living in the storage, as some witnesses claimed. He said that they had been at the facility for about 11 hours and it was the preparation of the family for a trip to Arizona, where he will give his wife a proper burial.

“I didn’t endanger my children,” he declared. “My children were perfectly healthy.”

Rey also rejected flushing anything but a placenta in the toilet.

His trial at the Kansas charges is scheduled for November. 5.

Separately, Rey was accused in November in California, in the death of Sean Ty Ferel, a Palm Springs resident who disappeared after the holidays with Rey in 2016. Ferel’s body still not found, but his blood was found in the trunk of his car after Rey was involved in an accident months after Ferel disappeared.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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