Kansas house candidate Paul Davis, the topic of the new attack for its ‘history with strip clubs’

Kansas Congress hopeful Paul Davis, a Democrat, is the target of a new campaign ad which highlights the time he was caught in a strip club during a police RAID.

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A Republican super PAC on the democratic congressional candidate Paul Davis with a new attack ad in Kansas’ 2. Constituency, the details of his apparent “strong obsession” with strip clubs.

The ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), provided that, first to Fox News, highlights Davis’ “history with strip clubs” – on his involvement with a club that was raided was on in the late 1990s, as well as legislation, he, as a state legislator.

Davis is a former state representative who also ran unsuccessfully for Governor as a Democrat in 2014. But almost two decades earlier, in the late 1990s, Davis caught in a strip club in Coffeyville, Kansas, during a police RAID.

“When I was 26 years old, I was at a club by my boss – the club owner was one of our legal clients,” Davis said Politically from the incident in 2014. “While we showed up in the building, the police. I was never accused of having done something wrong, but I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

He was not charged with a criminal offence during the RAID in the club called “secrets,” although he found himself alone with a stripper, only wearing a G-string at the time, according to police records. The club owner, however, was eventually charged with sale of methamphetamine.


In addition, the ad attacks Davis as he voted on the legislation in relation to “sexually-oriented business”, where he was a representative in the state.

For example, Davis voted against a 2011 bill that would prevent the creation of “sexually oriented businesses within 1,000 feet of any existing accredited public or private primary or secondary school, house of worship, state-licensed daycare, public library, public park, residence or other sexually oriented businesses.”

Then, he said, he voted against the bill, because it was a local Problem and called it an “unnecessary intervention by the state government.”

“Paul Davis is the story with the strip clubs closes to allow the vote to strip clubs open in the vicinity of churches, schools, and kindergartens,” Michael Byerly, a CLF spokesman, said in a statement to Fox News. “Davis was even from Kansas law enforcement in the VIP-room of his client’s strip club during a drug-RAID. Paul Davis is not only a liberal, he is unethical and Kansas families deserve better.”

Fox News has reached out to the Davis campaign for comment on the display.


The Davis campaign previously responded to the threats by the CFL-attack-strip-club incident in a statement to McClatchy.

“DC special interest groups are not desperate, if you go by yourself, to try to make this race their own failed agenda,” Haley Pollack, a campaign spokeswoman said in August.

“Everything, what you have to offer to Kansas voters tax cuts for millionaires, trade wars, for the farmers and a candidate who has never voted in a Kansas election …,” Pollock said. “These lies of shadowy special-interest groups are exactly the reason why we need a change in Washington.”

Davis will face GOP nominee Steve Watkins, a first-time candidate, an engineer and army veteran, to replace in the General election-retirement of five-term Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a Republican.

CLF has also tie a branch office in the district and opened up previously published an ad-him to house Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Davis, however, is one of dozens that distanced the Democratic candidates in the United States, of the California members of Congress, and promised not to support a return to the house speaker.

Democrats need to pick up at least 23 house seats for a majority in the 435-member house. With a narrow majority, a small group of unruly freshmen Pelosi was able to leave short of the 218 votes needed speakers.

Fox News has ranked Kansas’ 2. Constituency, as a tossup.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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