Kamala Harris calls for a third gender option on Federal IDs

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Senator Kamala Harris announced her bid for the White house on Monday, 21. January, Martin-Luther-King-Jr. Day. Here’s what you need to know about you and your positions on important issues.

HANOVER, N. H. – Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris says she supports the implementation of a third gender option on Federal identification cards.

The Democrat from California, supported the idea when asked about it at a town hall Tuesday in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary state of New Hampshire.

“It is a simple point. It’s a different category. And I’m open to the idea, to do that. And I think that it is a good idea,” Harris Fox News and New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor said in an interview later in the day.

HARRIS joins WARREN IN HER CALL FOR impeachment proceedings TO BEGIN PROCESS

Harris, a former California attorney General and San Francisco district attorney, has long fought for LGBTQ rights, including the refusal to defend a ban on same-sex marriages.

Harris connects the 2020 democratic nomination rival Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York in pushing for a third option on the IDs. Four States – California, Oregon, Washington, and New Jersey – have adopted, non-binary IDs, such as New York City.


To implement a day after unveiling their plan for stricter background checks on gun sales, with or without action from Congress, Harris marks her plan at the town halls on the Keene State College and Dartmouth College.

“A very reasonable approach is that we do not need to have background checks,” Harris told Fox News, as they swore to act, the President, if Congress will act

Harris said that if a bill is not made in the Congress it is on your Desk, you would be one-sided mandate background checks for customers purchasing firearms from any dealer, sell more than five guns per year.

Traders who violate the law, she said, would call for their licenses. The other executive orders refugees from the purchase of a gun or weapon, as well as the closing of the gap, so that some of the criminals to purchase firearms, if the victim is a unwedded partners, would forbid it.

Harris pointed to a lack of congressional action after mass shootings across the country, the last ten years.

“There are so many examples of absolute tragedy and yet the Congress has not yet acted. So, my point is this – if you are elected, I the Congress will give the opportunity, but if you do not act, I will act. And, I think, reflective of where the American public is. You want sensible gun-safety laws,” she said.

Asked how such a step would be received, in a state like New Hampshire, where the rights of gun owners are well-guarded, Harris explained, she believed, “most people understand gun owners or non-gun owners– we need sensible gun safety laws in our country. That is what this aimed at.”

She continued, “I am very clear in my head – I think most people are– to suggest that it is a wrong choice, you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take away all the guns.”

Harris is now calling the Democrats controlled the house of representatives to start impeachment proceedings after the publication of the last week of the report of Special Counsel Robert Müller on the Russia-investigation.

“I think the process should begin. Where it ends, I don’t know, but there is no question that the Miller report, what we know of him, has outlined the facts leads us to the reasonable assumption that the disability has occurred,” Harris said.

Asked whether such a step Kropf, President of Trump claims that would be impeachment would be a purely political move by the Democrats, which could possibly help his re-election effort, Harris said, “I know what his playbook is.”


Harris ‘ return to New Hampshire marked its second visit to the crucial early voting, you launched your presidential was campaign last January. It comes as South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg – a unique 2020 long-shot – has risen sharply in the last few months and above, Harris soared in many opinion polls, including two of the youngest in New Hampshire.

She asked if she was concerned, Harris said, “the only polls that matter on the day of the election. Period.”

Harris was interviewed in front of the town hall at the Dartmouth. She spoke and took questions from an audience of more than 400. A few minutes before the senator went outside to speak to a crowd of a few hundred with an overflow.

Harris was at the Claremont on their way from Keene to Hanover. The short visit included a stop at the Uptown bakery, where the candidates chatted with employees and customers and bought donuts and pastries for their staff.


Claremont is the location of the next month, Fox News town hall with Buttigieg.

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