Kalfsvleesmerk Vitel-oké wins Liegebeestprijs Awake Animal

Kalfsvleesmerk Vitel-oké wins Liegebeestprijs Awake Animal

The kalfsvleesmerk Vitel-oké is chosen to Liegebeest 2016. According to dierenwelzijnsorganisatie Awake Animal misleads the company consumers with supposedly “extremely animal friendly produced” beef.

In reality, the calves are much too early separated from their mother and they need their life to wear out in a closed barn without the straw, the action group Wednesday.

Lidl escaped in the nick of time to the grand prize. The supermarket chain received the most votes for nice chats about their new chicken, while the “plofkip”. But because Lidl last week announced to stop with this race, pulled Awake Animal the chain back out of the election.


The “Bierbommetjes” of the Unox factory were a close second this year. According to the Awake Animal have the small frankfurters no Better Life quality mark, while they by Unox to be qualified as a “100% meat”.

Dairy brand Den Eelder is on the third place. Den Eelder calls itself “the best for man & beast”, while under other newborn calves separate from their mothers. Then follows the fish tilapia of The Sea & We’re on sale at Sligro. On the packaging, that the tilapia is farmed with “the greatest respect” for the fish, while they “after a bad life in crowded breeding-grounds for anaesthetized to be slaughtered.”

The Liegebeest is an annual schandpaalprijs for most misleading product or advertising when it comes to animal welfare. According to the Awake Animal trick pretty pictures and slogans, the consumer, to the purchase of clean appearance, at the expense of products more friendly to animals.

Last year “won” restaurant chain KFC the price because the fastfoodgigant the public would be deceived, with such slogans as “don’t worry, eat happy”.

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