Kaj Gorgels new presenter Expedition Robinson

Kaj Gorgels replaces Dennis Weening as a presenter in Expedition Robinson. The YouTuber, who has previously Temptation Island VIPS presented, will be from the upcoming season of the reality show where CELEBRITIES have to survive on a desert island.

That was Friday published by RTL. The 28-year-old Gorgels, which itself was finalist in the program and became known through his series of videos Kaj’s Characters, will, together with Nicolette Kluijver Expedition present.

“icipation in the program where I have been, since child is already a fan of ben, it was all unreal and I had never dreamed that I would ever present,” says Gorgels.

“For me, it is a great honor to Dennis Weening to follow, and for me really Mister Robinson. I’m going to do everything to make this as dignified as possible.”

‘Kaj combines guts and humour’

“We are very grateful to Kaj as a fan and former candidate now presenter is one of our most acclaimed programs,” says Werner van Es, programme director RTL.

“He is a talent that takes guts, humor and wit combine with the gift to a special bond with his viewers. Together with his own experience in Expedition Robinson, this is according to me add an extra dimension to the program. We wish him and Nicolette all success.”

Expedition Robinson will next year also an edition with “unknown participants”, which will be shown via Video. It is not yet known who this program is going to present.

RTL reacts again on departure Weening

By the end of 2018, it was announced that Weening the program five seasons presented, forced had to leave. About this, says Van Es: “We have in the communication mistakes are made, and that unnecessary noise and speculation have taken care of.”

The transmitter thanks Weening “once again for its undeniable share in the success of Expedition Robinson”. “We wish him lots of success with his new plans.” Weening will soon include a program to present to the transmitter Spike.

The former RTL-presenter responded Friday in the news. “Fine fellow,” writes Weening. “Enjoy the most beautiful program there is.”

Weening was surprised after termination of contract

The 41-year-old Weening was told that his contract would not be extended, before its final season as the host of Expedition Robinson had yet to start.

“Because Expedition Robinson so successful, don’t you think that your contract is not renewed. It’s going pretty well, the ratings are better every year, so you think: never change a winning team”, he told in conversation with

When Weening finally got to hear that he was not allowed in, he was surprised. But that surprise was soon replaced with a feeling of acceptance.

“Listen, I calculated me not rich. I knew that this moment would always be able to come. I have gekkere see things happen in television.”


In the car with Dennis Weening: ‘RTL could resign not explain it properly’

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