Justin Fairfax Prosecutor calls for Virginia legislators to probe sexual abuse claims to ‘immediately’ with clock ticking

nearvideo Fairfax Prosecutor plans, in order to discuss sexual assault claims

To meet Vanessa Tyson, to discuss the Massachusetts state attorneys, act of violence, they claimed, was in the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston; Garrett Tenney reports from Richmond.

The legal team for one of the two women accused of Virginia Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax blown sexual assault, the state General Assembly, not at the accusations, calling for an investigation into the matter “immediately” before the legislature adjourns on Friday.

Lawyers for Vanessa Tyson, who claims that Fairfax sexually assaulted her in July 2004 at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, plan of the legislators that they are “silent” and “no action “delete” in response to your allegations.


“It is unfathomable that the Virginia General Assembly, of the intention to terminate their current session without the solution of this problem in any meaningful way,” Tyson’s attorney Debra Katz, said in a statement Thursday. “We appeal to rent to the General Assembly, experienced, independent investigators to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of these matters. Credible accusations of sexual assault should not be ignored.”

The pressure on the state legislature does not come to Fairfax second Prosecutor, Meredith Watson and her legal team also blasted the state legislature for public hearings on the allegations.

“Apparently, the Virginia house Democratic Caucus believes that the courageous victims of rape need to be heard—just not by you,” attorney Nancy Erika Smith said on Wednesday. “Ms. Watson is counting on the General Assembly to do the right thing and hold hearings now. This non-stop efforts to duck, your role is pure cowardice. Sympathy is welcome, but action is necessary.”

Fairfax has vehemently denied the accusations.

On Tuesday, the Virginia house Democratic Caucus calls for Fairfax sought to resign, but said they “believe that the law enforcement authorities should approach investigations, free and outside the political arena.”

“Ms. Watson and Dr. Tyson are brave to come forward to tell their stories. We respect all of the survivors, and believe that you will hear completely. The allegations made against Lt Gov Fairfax are criminal in nature, and we treat them with the seriousness they deserve,” the statement from the Democrats said.

Tyson’s legal team pointed out that they “made it clear that it is willing to cooperate in an investigation” by the Assembly and the Suffolk County District Attorney who has jurisdiction over the alleged incident in order to “ensure that Lieutenant Gov. Fairfax is responsible for his actions.”

Last week, the Prosecutor’s office has offered to hear of Tyson, said in a statement that the office focused on the “resources” available to her.


The limitation period for an alleged crime in Massachusetts would be phased out later this year.

Meanwhile, Republicans signaled that they would like to see how the legislators conduct a hearing.

“It is always compulsory that a legislative forum should be seriously considered,” House Speaker Kirk Cox said. “We are actively working to develop the process and hope that our democratic colleagues work with us to move forward.”

Earlier this week, Watson Post opinion piece, wrote in a Washington that they are “frustrated, instead of calls for an investigation, a public hearing,” in which the accusations levied against Fairfax of her and Vanessa Tyson.

“Such ‘studies’ are, secret proceedings, from the eyes of the public, leaving the victim susceptible to selective leaks and stains. And we all know how those studies end: wrote with ‘no clear results’,” says Watson. “My privacy is already violated, but I’m still willing to testify publicly under oath. Tyson, the same offer has been made. To request our request to the Virginia General Assembly the same from Fairfax was met with inaction.”


Fairfax has said that the meeting with Watson and Tyson gave consensus democracy, and suggested that both women are the accusations part of a political smear campaign to prevent him from succeed democratic Gov. Ralph Northam when he was forced to resign, in the midst of a racist photo scandal.

“I’ve never forced myself on anyone,” Fairfax said in a recent statement. “I demand a full investigation into these baseless and false accusations. Such an investigation will confirm my account, because I’m telling the truth.”

Fox News’ Samuel Chamberlain, Garrett Tenney and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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