Justice requires a 3-year owner of the area where the Spanish Julen in the pit fell in

The trial in Spain on Wednesday to three years in prison required against the owner of the land in Totalán, which is where the preschool Julen, in a pit, fell down and died. He is being sued for wrongful death, report the Spanish media.

David and Art, according to the law on the non-warning signs posted at the pond.

He is also the parent of a toddler will not be alerted to the presence of the holes as they are that horrible, January 13, at the field came up.

Julen played by the family members on the premises when he was found in a 28-inch wide the hole was. Rescuers have reached only after about two weeks, and the body of the toddler, which is hundreds of feet down it.

The autopsy revealed that the boy, soon after the fall, was killed by wounds to the head.


Rouwauto to leave a place where a toddler Julen was found to be

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