Justice for US: a Democratic requirement to inspect the Mueller report is ‘premature’

The U.s. department of Justice, the requirement of the justitiecommissie of the House of Representatives to have access to the whole Ruslandonderzoek Saturday “premature” and “unnecessary”.

In a statement, the ministry let you know to work with the Congress to meet the request. But the department adds, however, that in accordance with the law and the rights of the government.

The Democratic committee chairman Jerrold Nadler on Friday, a formal inspection is required in the whole report of the special investigator Robert Mueller.

According to Nadler, the Thursday presented version for a lot of members of congress is unclear. Pieces from the original report are made unreadable because that other pending issues would have.


The report by Robert Mueller in a minute and a half

No conspiracy with the Russians

The 448-page report has two parts. The first part is about Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016 and suspicions that then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with them would have conspired.

Mueller has found no evidence that the Trump team consciously coordinated or conspiring with Russians.

The Trump campaign was striking a lot of contacts with Russia and welcomed the Russian hackaanvallen on the Democrats. Mueller writes that campagnewerkers also correspondence have been destroyed and over encrypted apps communicated, leaving his team there, no sight could get.

Democrats accuse the minister of “partiality”

The second part focuses on the question of whether Trump has tried the judicial process to hinder – a crime – by engaging with the Ruslandonderzoek to interfere.

Mueller has eleven possible attempts to hinder in a row. Because, according to a directive from the U.s. department of Justice is not possible for a sitting president to prosecute, stated Mueller his opinion on those attempts, and he suggested that further steps to Congress.

Minister of Justice, William Barr took the decision that there is not enough ground for prosecution.

The Democrats have no peace with that decision and dispute Barrs independence. They have Mueller called upon Congress to come testify, and insist on the disclosure of the entire, uncensored report.


Trump about Ruslandonderzoek: ‘No president should have the experience of’

Republicans accuse team-Mueller of partiality

Trump will see in the conclusion that there is no Russian conspiracy has been a victory, but is also not happy with the report, that a painful image of his presidency outlines.

The “mad Mueller report” is according to him “made by eighteen Democratic Trump-haters” and contains numerous “inaccuracies and nonsense”. In addition, the president ignores the fact that Mueller is a registered Republican, even among party members counts as a conscientious official and has never been caught on bribery.

One of the disputed theories is that Trump in June 2017 legal counsel Don McGahn would have ordered to go and work on the dismissal of Mueller. In the report it says that McGahn that then has refused.

Trump and the Republicans want to research into the reasons for the Ruslandonderzoek.

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