Jussie Smollett, to deceive the media and the backlash, the system

The moral of the Jussie Smollett is the case, is that another well-connected celebrity skates without so much as an expression of regret. (Associated Press)

I’m not saying Jussie Smollett would have got 10 years in prison.

If he pleaded guilty, paid a large fine and stuck with the service community, I have not lost dignity, no sleep.

But what in Chicago is an absolute travesty of justice happened.

Axios is, calling it “one of the biggest no-trump stories of 2019.” But like so much else in our culture, it is very much a trump history.

It was no small thing that the “Empire”, the actor claimed he was beaten up on the street by two thugs proclaiming the neighborhood “MAGA.” This, together with their alleged noose, was Central to the representation of the fact than an anti-black, anti-gay hate crime perpetrated by Trump zealots.

And it was all a lie, of course.

But now, Smollett, will never be prosecuted. He will never be held accountable for how he traumatized his city, and betrayed his followers.


He did not admit that he is a damnable constructed.

The charges were suddenly dropped on a mysterious way, comfortable.

Rahm Emanuel is outraged, as the city’s police superintendent.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel calls decision to drop charges against Jussie Smollett a ‘whitewash of justice

The mayor called it a “whitewash of the justice” at a press conference, at one point, so upset that he demanded of Smollett, “How dare he?”

“You can’t have, because a person position to a number of rules apply to you and a number of rules apply to everyone else,” said Emanuel, by he was drawn to the reputation of the city “by the cocoa.”


Smollett still insists he is innocent. This is the damn part.

“I’ve been truthful and consistent on every level since day One,” he announced. “This was an incredibly difficult time, to be honest one of the worst of my entire life.”

Tell that to the Jamaican brethren, the attack he rented for $4,000 to the stage of late night. You have suddenly fallen silent.

Not to follow the decision of the Cook County state’s attorney the indictment, the charges, so the police, not just play well at home.

Tucker: Why are we not laugh, Jussie Smollett?

“It is an untenable decision, an offer knobelte in secret — this is unheard of — Smollett, even then, not required, to take possession of, and his obvious hoax.” Chicago Tribune editorial said. “Even then, not necessary to apologize for the alleged use of hate crime laws. And not to reimburse Chicago taxpayers for the enormous costs of this investigation.”

And how the prosecutors to justify this travesty? With a vague statement claiming that “we believe that this result is only available and the appropriate solution to this case.”

Imagine that some of the working class dude, pulled the same stunt. Of course, he would have been prosecuted. The moral here is that another well-connected celebrity skates without so much as an expression of regret.


Other than the waiver of a $10,000 bond, Smollett — the police said, faked to try the crime, in order to give the Fox show, give him a raise and gets away with it.

The National Review says: “Rarely do we find ourselves nodding vigorously in agreement with Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod, but both one-time Obama lieutenants expressed in terms of the necessary levels of disbelief and disgust at the result: L’affaire Jussie Smollett surprise …

“Smollett staging was obviously intended disparagement of its declared political enemy of Donald Trump and the Trump Fans, and he said, ‘Good Morning America’ that he believed his ‘attackers’ were motivated by his public anti-trump stance. The parts of his priors about the deplorables, far too many Americans who should have known better, believed Smollett’s tall tale.”

In the end, Smollett alleged fraud, the President was not around. But it was very much about Trump’s Land.

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