Jury almost complete in verkrachtingszaak against Bill Cosby

Jury almost complete in verkrachtingszaak against Bill Cosby

Photo: AFP

Eleven of the twelve required judges in the verkrachtingszaak against actor Bill Cosby have now been selected. It comes to eight men and three women.

The public prosecutor and the lawyers of Cosby will be the rest of the week still need to be the last jury member to select, but then the case is soon to start.

The case against Cosby ran a delay because of the inadequacy of many jury members. One-third of the 100 called on citizens who were asked to judge, declared that they have a biased opinion on the matter. And one-third of the potential jurors said that they, or a family member been the victim of a sexual assault.


Bill Cosby, known for his role as Cliff Huxtable in the series the Cosby Show, is suspected of the 2004 drugging and population of Andrea Constant, the coach of the local basketball team for women.

According to Constant-she agreed to a visit to the home of Cosby, that they to a career advice asked for. He gave her wine and pills and raped her on the bank, thus Constant. Cosby denies it and says that it was voluntary sex.

The process can, according to experts, take months for the jury to a verdict. Cosby lives in the process in freedom, since it is a deposit of 1 million dollars has been paid.

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