June will see the grounds for an appeal against the suspension of Russian athletes

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, will see sufficient reasons to file an appeal against the sentence, which is the AIM of Monday on. Russia is, for the next four years will not be welcome at the major international sporting events, including the Olympic Games and the fifa world cup.

Vladimir putin, announced on Tuesday in Paris, where he was a peace between Ukraine and Russia, visit to Russia, the penalty for good analysis. In its initial response to the reported to the president that the exclusion is not good for the sport.

“It’s not a direct indictment of our dopingbureau RUSADA,” said Putin. “That’s why we should just have our own flag, should be allowed to take part in. As has been stated in the olympic charter.”

WADA explained in the sentence after the evidence has been found, that Russia is vigorously cheating has to do with the beginning of the year, data provided by the former dopinglaboratorium in Moscow, russia. Russia reported Monday, the instant appeal should be considered.

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Putin is a collective punishment to be inappropriate

Vladimir putin believes that only individuals are punished, it would have to be made. “As a punishment, not a collective, they are also the people being punished who are not at all concerned.”

“If we have such a great collective punishment to others, and I think that people do not care about the purity of sport,” the president said. “It’s all politics and has nothing to do with the best interests of the sport and the olympic movement, as well.”

In this way can the sportsmen and women from Russia it is likely, however, under a neutral flag in international events, as long as they have a good reputation and can prove that.

Russia has officially been three weeks, and the period of time given to any appeal. That is, formally, has not yet been done.

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