Julian Assange remains in the embassy of Ecuador after sentence remissions Manning

Julian Assange remains in the embassy of Ecuador after sentence remissions Manning

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The founder of the klokkenluiderssite WikiLeaks, Julian Assange remains in the embassy of Ecuador in London. He’s there since 2012 because he fears that Great Britain him to deliver up to Sweden.

Earlier this month, said the Australian Assange on Twitter that he was willing to the US are about to give, if that country grace would grant Chelsea Manning. The military was leaked in 2010, videos of the U.s. army, and tens of thousands of secret documents to the site.

Manning was three years ago and sentenced to a prison sentence of 35 years, but Tuesday was the White House known that they are not in 2045 but may be released because president Obama her sentence remissions grants.

The Swedish lawyer of Assange on Wednesday let fend that this does not mean that Assange is immediately surrender. As long as there is a threat of the U.S., Assange from his political asylum in the embassy of Ecuador continue to make use, according to the lawyer, Per Samuelson.

Another lawyer of Asange, Melinda Taylor, says, however, against The Guardian that Assange still behind his words and that he is not back.

If Obama to grant Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition, despite the clear unconstitutionality or DoJ case


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19:40 – January 12, 2017


Sweden to continue Assange for sexual assault and rape of two women. The founder of Wikileaks fears that Sweden him deliver up to the US, where he will be tried for espionage and publication of the secret documents.

The U.S., however, has never formally filed a complaint against Assange, and there is no uitleveringsverzoek issued. Tuesday said, president Obama that the proposed exchange of Assange does not affect the decision to Manning sentence remissions.

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