Judge: “the Three denied visitors are allowed to Tomorrowland’

Three visitors to Tomorrowland, which the judge drew, may come, but have a new police undergo.

The enthusiastic audience in Tomorrowland. Foley: “Fun is a groepsritueel, that we can get carried away and even enchant.” © WOUTER VAN VAERENBERGH

In total, 37 people who purchased the tickets for Tomorrowland, to hear that they would not be allowed to go, after a screening by the federal police. In two cases, the negative opinion is afterwards lifted, but for the others this was not the case. Three people then withdrew to the Brussels court.

There carried both their lawyer and the lawyer of the privacy Commission that the screening and denial disproportionately, and that it was not possible that the three were told why they refused. ‘The Brussels court has now ruled that the police case had to judge whether or not someone could, but in circumstances in which that person admitted the reasons for any refusal to know’, says mr Jan Temmerman. ‘That the persons concerned are not allowed to know why they are not within might, was, according to court disproportionately.’

The three plaintiffs are now offering at the entrance of the festival, but they should be there or submit to a new audit by the federal police, which still has the necessary safety precautions can take.

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