Judge partially Trump administration refugee lifts-ban

President Trump to restart the refugee program in October, “with extended security audit abilities.”

(Associated Press)

A Federal judge in Seattle on Saturday partially trump administration prohibition of certain refugees repealed after two groups argued that the policy prevents people from some predominantly Muslim countries of the reunion with family living in the United States legally.

U.S. district judge James Robart heard arguments Thursday, the actions of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Jewish family Service, which is to say, the ban is causing irreparable harm and puts some people in danger. Government lawyers argued that the ban is necessary to protect the national security.

Robart ordered the Federal government to process certain refugee applications, but said that his Directive do not apply to people without a “bonafide relationship” to a person or organization in the United States.

President Donald Trump to restart the refugee program in October, “with extended security audit abilities.”

On the day before his executive order, Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, and the Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coats sent a memo to Trump, say, certain refugees must be prohibited, provided that no additional security measures are implemented.

It applies to the spouses and minor children of refugees, who have already paid, in the United States, and under the refugee program for visitors from 11 countries, nine of which are mostly Muslims breaks.

In his ruling, Robart wrote that “former officials, which detailed specifically how the Agency Memo of damage for the United States national security and foreign policy interests.”

Robart said his order refugee-method in programs to what they were before the memo, and noted that this already includes a very thorough safety review by people.

The ACLU argued that the memo did not provide any evidence of why the additional security was needed and not specified, a schedule for the implementation of the changes. The groups say that the process for the imposition of the policy violates a Federal law.

August Flentje, Department of justice lawyer, told the judge that the ban is only temporary, and “to address a reasonable and appropriate way for the Agency heads gaps” in the screening process.

The complaints from the two groups were merged and refugees who were locked up represented, from entering the country.

The ACLU provides a Somali man living in Washington state, the attempts of his family to get to the USA, they have gone through extensive security checks have passed, the security and medical clearances, and need only the passport, but those who have been denied after the ban.

Lisa Nowlin, staff attorney for the ACLU of Washington, said in a statement, they were happy for their customers — “anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to celebrate a single birthday with his younger son in person — will soon have the opportunity, his children, hugging his wife in the very near future, and be together again as a family for the first time in four years.”

Two other refugees, the Jewish family Service-action brought by former Iraq are interpreters for the U.S. army, whose lives are in danger because of their service.

The other is a transgender woman in Egypt “live in such extremely dangerous conditions that the US government itself, accelerated their case, until the ban came down,” said Mariko Hirose, a lawyer with the Jewish family Service case.


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