Judge Napolitano on the Democrats, “the demand for Trump’s financial records: “you can not get simply because you want to torture him’

nearvideo-judge Napolitano: the Congress is to set up the purpose for trump’s financial records

Fox News senior judicial analyst judge Andrew Napolitano said, the Democrats can only President Trump’s financial records” because they do not want to torment him,” adding ” Congress, for which purpose you want to.”

Fox News senior judicial analyst judge Andrew Napolitano said on Monday the Democrats can only President Trump’s financial records” because they want to torture him” and “of the Congress to the state, to what purpose they want.”

Napolitano made the comments on “America’s Newsroom” hours after Trump’s lawyers sued to block a subpoena issued by members of the Congress, sought the President of the financial records.

The complaint named Rep. Elijah Cummings, the democratic Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Peter Kenny, chief investigative counsel of the house Committee, such as the plaintiff.

“We will not allow the Congress President that the harassment remain unanswered,” said Jay Sekulow, Advisor to the President.

Earlier this month, Cummings, D-Md., said, the Committee would be. a summons to the accounting firm Mazars USA LLC for Trump’s financial information Cummings seeks annual financial statements, periodic financial reports and independent auditors reports of Mazars, as well as records of communication with trump.


“The question is, whether the subpoena is from the house of representatives, a third to his accountant, the President, the jump in the middle and looking to the suppression of the subpoena? The answer is Yes,” said Napolitano.

He added, “The complaint in fact the court will ask you to speculate as to Congress, the motivation, and the courts are rather reluctant to do this because the courts and the Congress are equal branches of government. They will not be in the business of know-it-the motivation of either But the Congress has a legitimate legislative purpose for the request of the President’s tax returns and financial records. You can’t just get you, because he’s the President, and because his predecessors have made to this kind of material about yourself and you can’t just get one because you want to, you torture him. You must have a legitimate purpose.”

“The Congress is the answer to the complaint, establish a sense, it is not a purpose of the meet directly from the Constitution, it could do something tangentially related to what the Congress, which is likely to be. But, if you can’t prove that purpose, then you are going to lose. Then the summons is said to be repealed,” Napolitano.

In the suit on Monday, Trump’s lawyers ask to declare to the court that the subpoena is “invalid and unenforceable.” It also asks for a “permanent injunction suppression and Chairman Cummings’ summons.”


Trump-the suit also asks for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction prohibiting the firm from producing the requested information.

“The Congress is to state what purpose you want to this,” said Napolitano, adding, “If you say something even a Congress, I think the purpose of the court to allow it to go through.”


The case was assigned to U.S. District Court judge, Amit Mehta, 2014, a representative of President Barack Obama.

Fox News’ Alex Pappas, John Roberts and Bill Mears contributed to this report.

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