Judge makes no ruling in verkrachtingszaak Polanski

Judge makes no ruling in verkrachtingszaak Polanski

Photo: AFP

Roman Polanski has yet to three months waiting for a decision about an end to his forty-year-old verkrachtingszaak. That a judge in Los Angeles Monday.

The now 83-year-old filmmaker was in 1977 accused of drugging and raping a dertienjarig girl. He closed a deal, making five heavier charges got dropped and he only known to ‘unlawful sexual relationships’ to have had. Polanski was 42 days for evaluation in the prison, but fled afterwards out of the country because he feared that the judge previously made deal on the table would sweep.

Lawyers of the director asked the judge in Los Angeles Monday for an end to the case because Polanski already behind bars has been then in 1977, it was agreed. They asked the court to fix for Polanski to pave the way to the USA to travel.

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Sharon Tate

The filmmaker would, according to his lawyer, after forty years, to America want to come to the grave to visit his wife, Sharon Tate. It was in 1969 murdered by members of the Charles Manson cult. She was at that moment more than eight months pregnant with a son.

The prosecutor argued that Polanski in a Us court must log in before the case further. “It is not in the interest of justice to rich celebrities a different treatment than other fugitives,” she said, according to Bloomberg.

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