Judge explodes media consensus that Flynn would not threaten to jail

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‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s harsh words, while Michael Flynn met the day of the judgment, and the possibility of a prison, the President Trump could be confronted, the former National Security adviser.

Michael Flynn skate.

Everyone in Washington knew that.

He had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, along with Bob Mueller, which is not agreed by both sides that he can bring in the jail, and the verdict was only a formality.

Until it wasn’t.

The judge made it clear he wanted to be Flynn behind bars, and his strong suggestion that President Trump, the former national security Advisor asked that his sentencing be delayed.

It is a case study in a high-risk defense tactics backfired. Since Flynn had already lie admitted to FBI investigators, Federal judge Emmet Sullivan was clearly pissed at a defense memo suggesting that the Bureau him by entrapping him. It’s a good day is never in court when the judge says to the defendant, he can’t hide his “disgust” and the “well, you sold your country.”

But it is an even more illuminating lesson in how the Beltway group-think often turns out to be wrong. In the non-stop cable coverage during the hearing, many of the journalists were practically sure that Flynn would get no jail time. And also on the left leaning channels,, it was a sympathetic view that the retired Lieutenant General had served his country deserved, and Forbearance, by working early with the office of the public Prosecutor.

What has happened is that almost everyone would develop a certain tunnel vision, what should happen and what will happen — so it came as a shock when the judge, a Reagan weighed-appointed, with a hard other view.

Since the sentencing guidelines for Flynn’s crime called for zero to six months, it was not to be believed, a huge stretch that Flynn would either get no jail time or minimal jail time, especially in the case of Müller’ s office printing is for the most lenient outcome.

But in the last days of Flynn’s supporters and allies are framing began a new argument — embraced by conservative media, including a number of Fox commentators — he was really not guilty at all. In fact, you said he was railroaded.

A Wall Street Journal editorial was to Capture with the title “The Flynn”.” The Fox-judge Jeanine Pirro, said FBI officials” did not want the truth. She wanted to get down a bit-player, the big player.” Outgoing House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, said Fox, it was to remain “hanging” and “an embarrassment for our country.”

But the idea that Flynn was “invaded” — Sarah Sanders’ word — requires a belief that the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency had no idea, he had to tell the truth, FBI agents told a Russian diplomat in the US might ease sanctions against Moscow.

Here again, the process-oriented press corps focused only on the lack of openness with the FBI, it’s the fact that Flynn is in the back-channel discussions with the Russians at the end of the Obama administration. (He has also lied to the White house.) And Flynn served as a non-registered foreign agent for Turkey, although he is not loaded at all. Asked why Sullivan, state lawyers, whether they were of the opinion that charging Flynn with betrayal.

There is no evidence for treason, but Sullivan bubbles made education charge, clearly, he was angry that Flynn was a bit of sorta, to confirm the guilt of the FBI and repeatedly asked him, he knew that lying for the Bureau is a crime.

Maybe the delay is to help Mike Flynn at the end. But the media should be careful, so focused on the legal arguments and political spin that you lose sight of the big picture.

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