Judge explains former Trump advisor Roger Stone mediaverbod on

A judge last Thursday (Us time) Roger Stone, former advisor of the Us president, Donald Trump, ordered is no longer in the public about the criminal case against him. He does that, then he must be the cell.

Previously he was a less strict mediaverbod imposed. Stone was, however, warned that he carefully had to prepare it in his contacts with the press.

It was a tense session in the courtroom of judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington, DC. She was visibly angry with the flamboyant Republican lobbyist, who himself is in the media frequently presents as a ‘dirty trucjesman’.

Stone apologized Thursday for a photo that had appeared on his Instagram account. There was a judge Jackson is pictured next to her, an image of the reticle of a firearm.

He laid a testimony about how the photo on his account was published, but spoke to himself regularly against and enveloped in vagueness.

Jackson said that Stone “has its own story even in the getuigenbankje could not remember” and called the apology “hollow”.

Then she shared the lobbyist, announced that he will be detained pending trial if he mediaverbod violates.

Lobbyist accused of obstruction justice

Stone was at the end of January was arrested in the framework of the Ruslandonderzoek of special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, that Russian interference in the American presidential election of 2016 will be explored.

He is accused of false statements made against the U.s. Congress, the judicial process have prevented and testify to have influenced. He is out on bail, free.

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