Judge dismisses DNC-hacking-lawsuit against Trump team, says claims are “completely detached from the facts’

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A Federal judge in frank terms dismissed a lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), against the most important members of the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks DNC documents hacked, which is not to say that they “behavior of any failure in the procurement of the materials in the first place,” and therefore bore no liability for the dissemination of information.

The decision came as Democrats have always sought to retain the trump team to illegal activities in Russia, in spite of the Special Counsel, Robert Müller, the findings that the campaign is, in fact, refused several offers by the Russians to refer to you in hacking and disinformation efforts.

The DNC must be asserted in court filings that the trump-team-meeting “with people, which the Russian government during the time of the Russian GRU agents are made to steal DNC-information” were a sign that you steal conspiracy with the Russians “and to spread the DNC materials.”


Thet suit does not claim that the stolen Material has been statutes that are wrong or offensive but rather trying to keep the trump team and other defendants liable for the theft of the DNC information, under various Virginia and Federal.


But judge John Koeltl, a Bill Clinton appointee sitting in the Southern district of New York, wrote in his 81-page opinion on Tuesday, the DNC, the argument is “completely divorced” from the facts.

The DNC first filed his lawsuit in April 2018, and the defendant responded that the First amendment of the Constitution legally protects the dissemination of stolen materials.

“In short, the DNC raises a number of connections and the communication between the defendant and with people who has lots of with the Russian Federation, but at no point in the DNC claim, not the facts … show that each of the defendants-with the exception of the Russian Federation — in the theft of the DNC information,” Koeltl said.

“The DNC is claimed to help the defendants agreed to ever to steal the Russian Federation, the DNC documents,” he added.


Koeltl went on to describe several of the hacking efforts directed by Russians in the DNC, in which the Russians have “hacked” into the DNC Computer, a house phone systems, and stole tens of thousands of documents.”

But even if the Russians had directly the hacked documents to the Trump team, wrote the judge, would it not criminal for the campaign, then you publish these documents, so long as they do not contribute to the hack itself.

The fit is also the name of the Russian government, but Koeltl noted that Federal laws generally prohibit lawsuits against foreign States, except in very special circumstances. Koeltl acknowledged, however, that the Russian government was “certainly” involved in the hack.

Gregg Jarrett of the Russia stories breaks exposed by the Müller-testimony

Author of “The Russia-dizziness’ Gregg Jarrett, the President says, the lawyers characterized Müller’s lack of understanding of Russia-months of the year.

Koeltl of the trump denied the team’s motion for sanctions, and dismissed the suit with prejudice — meaning it was a substantive defect and could not be filled. An appeal remained possible.

In addition to the trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and Russia, the DNC suit named Donald Trump Jr, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, George Papadopoulos, Richard Gates (whose ties with Russia were “flimsy”, the judge said), Roger stone, Joseph Mifsud and Julian Assange.

Republicans, meanwhile, have encouraged increasingly to the DNC’s own apparent role in the origins of the FBI probe into the Trump campaign, which began in the summer of 2016-after the British ex-spy Christopher Steele, a longtime FBI informant by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, began work on his now discredited dossier.

The dossier has been monitoring secret monitoring is guaranteed to be members of the trump team, and later fueled reports held in the media that the investigation, despite the many obvious problems with the reliability. Several DOJ reviews in the dossier’s use, and the associated questions have not yet been completed.

And Papadopoulos on Sunday told Fox News that he fell back to Greece to retrieve the $10,000 that he was suspected in his lap as part of an entrapment scheme, in terms of the CIA or FBI and Federal investigators, the marked bills, which he said are now kept in a vault. Papadopoulos’ alleged statements to the diplomats on stolen information that the Russians had a further cause for the FBI the first interest in the trump team.

Papadopoulos said on “Sunday Morning Futures” he was “very happy” to Devin Nunes, R-Calif., grill Mueller on the summer of 2017, the payment in the course of the last week of the hearings-even if Müller maintained, without explanation, that the was the subject of outside the scope of his investigation.

“I was very happy to see that Devin brought Nunes, said,” Papadopoulos. “A man by the name of Charles Tawil gave me the money [in Israel], under very suspicious circumstances. A simple Google search on this Person will reveal that he is a CIA or State Department asset in South Africa during the 90s and early 2000s was. I think around the time when Bob Miller was the Director of the FBI.”

Fox News’ Bill Mears contributed to this report.

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