Judge deported to be brought asylum seekers back to US, in the trump administration rebuke

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Former DNC communication Director Luis Miranda on that you are sensitive to migrants in crisis and Tijuana residents.

A Federal judge on Wednesday took the extraordinary step of ordering that asylum seekers who sued, to be revised after their deportation back to the United States to listen to their claims again, the judgment against the Trump administration’s policy on asylum.

The decision by U.S. district judge Emmet Sullivan in Washington came a day after the same judge presided over a controversial sentencing for the former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn, in which he raised the question of whether the ex-White House official has committed “treason,” and of the sale accused him of in the United States, to foreign interests. He later Flynn, delay’s conviction until 2019, as part of the Special Counsel, Robert Müller Russia is investigation.

In its sweeping ruling on Wednesday against the Trump’s management of immigration policy, Sullivan said, the recent changes violated Federal law.


“The court holds, to hear the jurisdiction, the plaintiff completed the challenges for the credible fear policy that the power to order the injunction, and that, with the exception of two measures, the new credible fear policy are arbitrarily and in violation of the immigration laws,” Sullivan.


Sullivan went a step further by ordering that the government’s “back in the United States, the plaintiffs, were unlawfully deported and credible fear provisions in accordance with the immigration laws.”

In addition to the return of asylum-seekers in the United States, Sullivan is the trump management of blocking policy will continue to apply.

Fox News has reached the Ministry of justice for its opinion on the decision.

The revised regulations were announced by the then Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the summer. The new policy made it more difficult for asylum seekers “credible fear claims” of domestic or gang violence at home, in the accelerated expansion of the immigration process.

“The vast majority of current asylum-claims are not valid” sessions said in June.

Federal officials said that they made changes to prevent fraud in the asylum system, although the Directive also allows rapid deportations that were later called into question.

A group of asylum seekers, supported by the American Civil Liberties Union, sued the Trump administration in Federal court.

“This ruling is a defeat for the trump administration’s all-out attack on the rights of asylum seekers,” Jennifer Chang Newell, managing attorney of the ACLU immigrants’ Rights Project, who argued the case, said in a statement Wednesday. “The government-standing commitment to the protection of immigrants to flee, the attempt will result in the extinction of the asylum-the protection of illegal and incompatible with our country for their lives.”


The ACLU women who had been through represented “extensive persecution in the form of sexual and physical violence.”

“Judge Sullivan’s decision ensures that our asylum system remains open to refugees at our borders, including those fleeing domestic violence and gang crime,” Eunice Lee, co-legal Director of the center for Gender & Refugee Studies, said in a statement. “These individuals raise legitimate claims under U.S. and international law, and have a clear right to asylum. I’m thrilled that the order of the court asserting that right.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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