Juan Mata: “One percent of total revenue professional football to global aid spending’

This summer promised football player Juan Mata to one percent of his net salary (i.e. eur 80,000 per year) to donate to the project Common Goal, a foundation that charity groups. The aim is to set as much as possible the footsteps to get within the football world. In Sport/Voetbalmagazine he gives more explanation.


“One percent, that may not seem much, nor for you, nor for me. But if you know that one percent of all of us add up, then that means that a huge help, ” says Juan Mata (29) in Sport/Voetbalmagazine.

“I have in June a trip to India, to one of the organizations to visit, where Street Football World cooperates in Mumbai. That was a shock. Really. To started do you see there extreme economic conditions, close to each other: a luxury hotel and a slum, there may be few meters apart from each other.

“I have met people who barely have anything to live on, but mentally and spiritually very rich, and an incredible capacity to enjoy what they have without the material to focus.

“I’ve seen people in precarious living conditions, but I have also noticed that there are people who can help and really make an impact.”


How does that project mean for you? Mata: “It starts from players like me and others who are already behind itself. They pay one percent of their salaries into a common fund and to say that is specific to one of the works on which the project is linked, which, where they most recognize.

“My idea and my goal, of course, is that it is transparent and efficient and that it really has an impact. That is the most important. The ultimate goal is that not only football players to join, but any who like football or are part of professional football, such as coaches, clubs, leagues, associations…

“The goal is to have one percent of the total revenue of the professional football to global aid spend. That would, of course, football is really a social instrument.’

Twenty names

The project knew meanwhile about twenty names to individuals. ‘Currently we have only Mats tiny toddlers, Giorgio Chiellini , and the American players Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan announced, but in the coming weeks there will be yet to recuperate (after the interview also followed the Germans Serge Gnabry and Dennis Aogo, the Australian Alex Brosque, coach Jürgen Nagelsmann of Hoffenheim, the Turkish international Hasan Ali Kaldirim and a few others, ed.). I think that the conversations and the announcements will lead still others to follow.

“Some are directly came to us. In mid-August there was simply a mail within. That was sent out by Giorgio Chiellini. He told us that he wanted to participate. We have Skype conversation with him and the case was settled. Also Mats tiny toddlers is itself came to us.

“We not only want big names, we also want to demonstrate that it is a global project is that all the continents. The idea is that every player in his country and among his team mates acts as a kind of ambassador, so that there are as many people as possible to get involved.’

Antoine Maumon

Read the full interview with Juan Mata in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 29 november.

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