Journalist quits TV job after being warned for death threats

Heidi Hemmat, she has her job at Fox 31 Denver after learning of the death threats.

An Emmy Award-winning reporter at a Denver tv station has stopped her job after receiving death threats, Mediaite reports.

Heidi Hemmat put her departure from KDVR Fox 31 in a letter posted to its website Thursday.

In a piece entitled “Why I KDVR and TV news,” Hemmat details the “downright eerie” reason for its decision.

After a four-part investigative piece on a Denver businessman alleged dumping of customers documents that their personal information and other alleged crimes, consumer fraud charges were filed against the subject of Hemmat’s story.

“Shortly after he learned about the charges against him, which is a direct result of me, I got a phone call from his psychiatrist,” Hemmat writes on her website. “She told me that he was “homicidal” and was going to kill me. The psychiatrist thought that the threat was so credible, she broke HPPA laws (the law on the protection of medical data of psychopaths, such as the theater shooter — James Holmes) to warn me.”

After the reported threat, Hemmat said KDVR paid for the personal safety at her home, but says that the station expressed concern about the costs of the undercover Denver police officers and ended the own protection.

According to Hemmat, the KDVR report, Muhammed Murib was indicted for fraud, allegedly after charging people for unnecessary parts through his company, AAAA TV Electronics Repair and Vacuum.

Murib was ordered to close his repair shop, although the company could still sell merchandise.

The report also showed a 1993 case filed by the Denver district attorney in that Murib, which are the property of the American Vacuum, Sewing and Typewriter at the time, was charged with 18 counts of consumer fraud. He pleaded guilty in that case, and the reopening of a case, according to KDVR.

As the 2015 case against Murib continued, Hemmat says her supervisors expected her to cover every new development with respect to the alleged fraud. She says that she resisted, was gutted, and the constant fear for her life.

“I knew I couldn’t keep ambushing people who did bad things to other people,” she said in her web post. “The society has changed. People have changed. My physical and mental health have been elucidated. As soon as the reviews last time, I have an unpaid leave of absence, and in August I asked to be let of my contract.”

Hemmat says that it feels good to finally reveal her reasons for leaving journalism, and that she feels that she is a mother to her two young children without “to do something unsafe in the name of journalism.”

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