Jort Kelder stops with the program ‘How heurt actually’i

Jort Kelder stops with the program ‘How heurt actually’i

Jort Kelder stops after six seasons with the etiquette program How heurt it, really?. That says the 52-year-old presenter in the Volkskrant.

“We now know how your knife and fork – never specifications – lay it down,” explains Cellar. In the program he went in search of the stories of particularly the richest layer of the society.

Basement is currently doing a series for NPO 2 about old families. When that program is Basement more behind the scenes. The presenter said that he was still a tough fight, had to run to get. “I’m the right ball with suspenders that something about money says.”

“Once I made a documentairetje about VVD Hans van Baalen. I wanted to the daily lugging of a politician, but the criticism of the station was that they my opinion is not heard.”


Also, if a speaker has Basement burden of his image. “If I’m riding in my electric Smart, in this garb, I get to hear: where is your Maserati, where are your suspenders? I have to hard profiling many thanks, I know that. It is a clear, but also rude image.”

Basement began in 2011 with the presentation of How heurt actually, based on the book by Amy Groskamp-ten Have. Will soon begin his new program At Battle, along with Pieter Jan Hagens. Therein he goes looking for the stories behind historic Dutch field and naval battles.

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