Jort Kelder has no sense in love

Jort Kelder has no sense in love

Jort Kelder will find it difficult to get his love life back to the way. The presenter has after the fractions with Georgina Verbaan and Lauren Verster also didn’t want more.

“Of course, I’m a hopeless case of heartbreak. I can’t actually more with women, because I have had fractures and emotional hassle,” says Cellar Saturday in de Volkskrant.

His failed relationships do him still a bit of a pain. “I’m sad about. And I’m also defaitistisch about. But it may be that I will be there in three months, otherwise think about it. Right now I’m still in a phase of detachment. A no-man’s land.”

That he by both Verbaan if Amplifier is deceived, does not make it any easier. Basement is not on his former partners. “If the anonymous girls had been, maybe I best do something about my love life want to tell, but in this case, it is not so easy, because Sjors and Lau are very well known.”

The 52-year-old presenter sticks the hand in his own bosom. “It was not only to the girls. I love them, still. I do not want the victim to play. I will, however, have done something wrong. Or I’m just an asshole, that may be also.”

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