Jordan Lukaku: ‘In Italy, eliminating the unpredictable’

Sport/Voetbalmagazine was looking for Jordan Lukaku in Rome, where the former rear of Anderlecht and KV Oostende another player at Lazio. He explains why that is, and looks also back on the dramatic european CHAMPIONSHIP quarter-final against Wales, which he and Jason Denayer them perished.

Jordan Lukaku: ‘I want to be the friend of the coach, I try only with him to agree.’ © GETTY

Jordan Lukaku…

… why he for Italy chose:

‘The Italian league, there appeared to me one that is me on the long term, most would be able to teach. I’m still in my development and I know of no other place where I have a tactical so would progress. I was tactical, after all, not trained. In Belgium there is far too little attention had been given. Here, they analyze the way in which the attacker is pressure put on the defense, or how he is defensively terugplooit. On training happens that one midfielders separates from defenders. And then we have one line to move. The are the most annoying courses that exist, but they are important. Compared to six months ago, I am a different player. Here they teach you so much: how to run, how your foot,… Details that may be of interest. Here in Italy, eliminating the unpredictable.’

… team mate Lucas Biglia:

“He is not changed compared to his time at Anderlecht. It continues to be a fantastic leader. Just by his presence, he suggests you rest. In addition to the field, he patrols always a little… With everyone to chat, chatting with the staff to see how they match to prepare for. He is stronger than at the time at Anderlecht, but I continue to tell him that he is not the most out of his career. His problem is that he is loyal to his club. At Anderlecht, he is forever preserved, I still don’t why. That has his breakthrough in the national team delayed.’

… the dramatic european CHAMPIONSHIP quarter-final against Wales:

‘Against Wales, and I say that with all respect for the opponent, we have to always place. But if you are ill-prepared for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, it is difficult to win. It is not a game. At no time I saw a match preparation worthy of the name. That may you to all the players questions. They who do not say, do so because they prefer there not more to come back. Many players told openly that she went to France went to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to win, but knew in himself that the preparation would be difficult. It was very basic in all. On set pieces was not trained. On the defensive, not at all and offensive it was: one arm meant the first pole, the two arms of the second pole. Jason (Mr. ed) and I had no confidence. If you have two youngsters next to one another and you have no tactical preparation, you give them no instructions… The only hint I got was in possession of the ball the ball through to Eden. Who do you think he is? A mage? Eden is strong, but he was each time compared with three man. But as soon as I was in possession, I heard them shout: “Give to Eden.’ That is not a football of high level.’

Read the full interview with Jordan Lukaku in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 31 may.

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