Joost Prinsen would never want to stop acting

Joost Prinsen would never want to stop acting

Joost Prinsen stopped in 2015, halfway through the season with the presentation of the quiz With the knife on the table, because his wife was seriously ill. The present he lacks not, but with acting, he doesn’t want to stop.

“What I would miss if I no longer have the occasional stage play,” says the 75-year-old presenter/actor/writer in the AD Magazine.

“Presenting With the knife on the table, not that I have four hundred episodes done, that I can. A role is every time new. Though it is a small role, an insignificant or a major role, each role you need to conquer. I don’t want to ninety times by the country, but I would be sorry if I at all would not be able to play.”


Princes know why acting is so important for him. “It is speeldrift. Such as people per se under the shower, want to sing, so I want to play. And it is more. That you are in a acteurscafé and that everyone still knows. I have two years ago is still one hundred performances with Bram van der Vlugt done”, tells the Prince about his love for the profession.

“You will remain in that environment. I played last with a roll of film in a series for tv, then you again, Cas Made against, and an actress who I teach have given, you have the feeling that you belong somewhere, that is my world.”

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