Joop Braakhekke has re-cancer

Joop Braakhekke has re-cancer

Joop Braakhekke (75) has last week been told that he has cancer. The tv chef thought pancreatic cancer to overcome but the sickness has come back.

This tells he told The Telegraph. “There are metastases in my liver and lungs.”

“What you hear is a clap of thunder in a clear sky, but still the hope is of course that it is not so. That the cancer is gone,” says Braakhekke, about the time that his doctor was informed. “Though, deep in my heart I knew that it was not right. I had the last time a lot of trouble with my stomach. I thought: how weird, it is not true.”

The hospital advises Braakhekke, a heavy chemo to undergo. “In the first instance I am there for you. You don’t know if it catches on and you have no life any more. But if it’s a choice between death and chemo, I choose the latter.”


Also considering Braakhekke, still other kinds of treatments that are less burdensome, though, he knows all too well that the reprieve is. “In the cure of cancer, I do not believe. But cancer is a chronic disease, it seems to me, however, to the options include. There are people who immunotherapieën follow, and therefore the life racks. A rare few succeed.”

If there really is no treatment more effective, choose Braakhekke for euthanasia. “Yes, that’s what I think. I’m not the agony that my friend Joke, which also alvleeskanker had, and this summer has died, has passed,” he says. “I dénk. If you really have to go, but better in glory.”


In may last year was Braakhekke, ‘clean’ declared cancer. Braakhekke, underwent in 2014 a open-heart surgery that resulted in five bypasses.

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