Jon, on a Walk back to the theatre, with the character of Harry Vermeulen

A in of Which is soon to be back in the theatre, and the character He Followed, which at this time of chaos in the bar. The actor and comedian, is the fact that they still have a younger audience involved in his show.

“I have noticed that it is getting younger”, he tells Of a Walk-in-interview with in answer to the question of what the people he found in the room down. “In the early years, it was His last, a practical and kluchtachtig company.”

However, according to the actor, it is Harry, who was now fifteen years old, yet it is really not a farce, and it goes a step further. “Our sense of humour and sense of the absurd speaks to more and more young people. In the past it was the public’s of grey, are far more mixed. The next generation of people also like it, it allows me to have more confidence in what I do.”

His latest piece right in the Kitchen, where He is a snack-bar business, called, Of Which “hysterical, idiotic, and hilarious.” “It’s very, very Monty Python-esque: we’re playing six of the actors for more than forty roles. It’s a madhouse on the field.”

That’s going to get bigger roles, but it is also figurantenpersonages like a customer in a retail store. “It does mean a close and subtle choreography,” explains Van Eerd. “In this game, we need to be as quick of a character change, and that we need to be careful, we are each other’s eyes at the sight of water. Therefore, we need to be really 100 percent on faith, as it was in the hundreds. In addition, it should appear as it is out of our sleeves are up.”

35Bekijk a preview of the Noise in the kitchen

“You have to dare to go to the business’

In addition to Which include, among others, also, Arie Cupé, Anne Lamsvelt as to be seen. “Arie is a good friend, and I have a lot of ‘Harries’ go and see him, I want to, as often as possible, too. I assume that the cast all together before I did, so I’m not really on the actors and writing. I can do that until I know how Kate is on the move and how Anne comes across in the performance.”

The six-colleagues and now good with each other, ” says Van Eerd. “You have to have a full season with each other on the bus, so it should be fun. It has been a very harmonious and pleasant, and you can feel it in the room. If you have a I lot of the game, the genre, embrace it, and dare to go for the action in the play.”

Of Which says of itself, can’t be stage-an alter-ego to look like. “If that were the case, everyone would be going nuts on me. Of course, there are things in it that are taken from real life, but you also want to look at recognizable things.”

The 59-year-old comedian believes that it is the character of Harry for many, many years to be found. “The limitation is more in me and my body. I can still have so much to experience. Although it is nice to have him, and every now and then, a year of holiday, so I have no responsibility to do it for a new one.”

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