Johnny Peace: ‘be Lonely due to the comments about the little son.”

The actress and director Romana, Peace of (47) is feeling lonely, due to the well-meaning comments from people about her life with her autistic son (17). They would prefer that the people not only his disability but also his or her character, tells the story of Peace, in conversation with The Telegraph.

“It’s all right, but I don’t have anything with that kind of remark,” says a Peace about the people who are saying how much respect they have for her, in their eyes, serious and intense life. “I’m only a lonely round. As much as I can to go to conventions looking for, rather than the differences. I am just a mom who is proud of her child.”

“But in practice, I can see we will have to be just a little too often that people who are different than the average, it’s ridiculous to be made to, or being aggressive in any way to be” the actress continued. “You don’t know how many times I’ve cried because I thought it was impossible, turned out to be an accommodation for my son, Charlie, for giving me an to handicap there are. I would like to see the people not only the disabled, but also their character.”

Peace, wrote about her life with her son in the book of The noble autistic, in which she also vooruitblikt at the end. “I think that you, as a parent, have to think about the future of your child. For me it is Charlies dead”, explains the director, in addition to that, she hopes, that her son is “an old man is going to die.

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