John Williams: I’ve never been involved with the naming of the colour

John Williams lends his voice to dark characters, and the animation is Spionnengeheimen. “As for the youth, and more dark heroes, is in need of” let’s go! But I want people to connect with each other,” he said in a call with

The 50-year-old presenter and actor, and acknowledges that there will be more diversity in the choice of characters in movies and tv series.

“It is, perhaps, not always as quickly as we would like, but it’s about to change. I’ve never been involved with the creation of the suit. We must first of all get together. The important thing is that we get to know each other, and staying curious.”

Films like Spionnengeheim to accelerate, according to Williams, it’s a process, but rather, he is another example of the film industry to take on the world, to clarify the situation: “I go to the movies, where the world is being attacked, or being threatened by aliens. This means that we are being attacked by aliens. In a situation such as this, we are members of the same family. Those alien suits are not only white, dark, yellow, or purple people. They will take us.”

“What are you going to say?”

Williams crawls to the film, in the role of Lance Sterling, the best spy in the world”, that is, after an experiment with a pigeon, it changes. In the American version speaks of Growth, with the voice of Will Smith. This should be reason enough for Williams to get the job in spite of his busy schedule to take them. “When you hear that Will Smith is the American version of them, so what are you going to say? Something like this will get you within a short period of time, not as quickly available.”

Among the the record, by rose Williams, the three programs in the evening, he was in the theatre for the show, R&B and old school Hits. “We have uitgaansgevoel of the eighties, nineties, and early 2000, was recovered by a band and singers from The X Factor, The Voice and Idol. I will tell the story of how, at the time, felt like a nightclub will have to wait until you saw what it was like to have someone to flirt with, and how you danced with them. Around it, we are playing songs from Blackstreet, Jodeci and similar artists. “

It is a result of Williams’ activity was that, during the recording, his voice is lost. “I had to move in with a man who was a dove, and changes to, a building up and, ultimately, very angry, starts to cry, because he doesn’t know how to fly it. I tried to set the energy of the Smith’s hold, but he lost my vote. That was a very, very important. It is felt afterwards as if I was a match, had to play football.”

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