John van den Heuvel, after the threats, and is relieved about the arrest, Ridouan, T.

Securities and exchange commission, John van den Heuvel, who has already been around for a long period of time is protected, it is happy to find out that Ridouan T., has been arrested. In the night, he told me on Monday that the news comes as a surprise to him.

“I thought for a moment that I was fond of was being taken out,” said Van den Heuvel, about the same time that he heard of the T. in the Dubai, was arrested. “I couldn’t believe it.” From the Hill you had to be at the end of the last year and a few months of working at night put it, because he’s to serious threats received, which is thought to be of T. T. came.

The securities and exchange commission, explained that he did not foresee that an arrest would be made. “I don’t think that the flow would come out.” Even though he was relieved to hear that T. is now no longer free to walk around the Hill and is aware of the fact that, in the end is not yet in sight.

120Voor such winding up shall be Ridouan T. continued

From that moment on, I have never just been

“I am aware that we have a long way to be. Anyone who is involved in this matter, and has written about this, you must take extra care to stay. On the one hand, it wants to be, you were almost screaming, but you should also get a professional to get to work and figure out how you want to tell us,” said Van den Heuvel.

The securities and exchange commission, said on the day that is two years ago heard have been that he was heavy security was needed. “From then on I have never been alone. That is, it is heavy, but I could get my work done, so that was good.” When he was in the programme of entertainment on and his family started out, it was full. “This is a very difficult period of time, and that it is still there.”

With less security, think Of the Hill, to stay for quite some time after. “It’s far too early to be anywhere, slings, etc. We are dealing with a multi-headed monster, and there is, as yet, and still have the head cut off,” according to the misdaadjournalist on the criminal network in which the T. and a part of them.

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