John Travolta’s ‘Gotti’ fires back at banging reviews

Actor John Travolta played real life mafia boss John Gotti in the film Gotti.”


“Who would you trust more? Of yourself? Or a troll behind a keyboard?”

These are the questions that the “Debbie” Twitter account asked users to Twitter on Monday to sow seeds of doubt about the bad reviews from critics.

The audience loved Gotti, but critics don’t want you to see… The question is why??? Trust in people and see it for yourself!

— Gotti Film (@Gotti_Film) 19 June 2018

By the “self,” the trailer refers to audience ratings, which clearly contrast from professional reviews.

This difference is obvious on Rotten tomatoes, which merged a 0 percent score, the absolute lowest possible, of 28 critics and a positive score of 68 percent compared to a pool of more than 7000 users.

“Incredibles 2,” which was a box office hit, had just over 7,600 user ratings.

Quote, “the audience loved it,” the trailer makes use of the apparently popular preference of the biopic around audio clips of John Travolta’s character manage with scrutiny in the film.

The Twitter account is inventoried in the opinion of the general public in a other trailer published Monday by the show of positive testimonials from a handful of movie-goers.

Monthly movie ticket service subscription, MoviePass, which partly funded the production of the film, promoted this story to the users and allegedly contributed to 40 percent of the cinema box office income during the opening weekend.

This message seems weird, until you realize that Moviepass actually invested in Gotti

— Kyle Foley (@KFoleyFL) 19 June 2018

However, the unusual difference between reviews increases suspicion to the authenticity of the public reviews.

Business Insider pointed out that multiple accounts were created this month and only rated “Debbie” and other MoviePass-funded films.

“Debbie” stars John Travolta as real-life New York gangster John Gotti. Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston, also stars in the film as Gotti’s wife Victoria.

Published on June 15, the biographical crime drama garnered attention for the disappointing opening weekend, and for the critic reviews. The New York Times called the film “a mess”, while the New York Post panned as the “worst mob movie of all time.”

Fox News’ Kathleen Joyce contributed to this report.

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