John Smith has a temporary apartment in order to recover from burn-out

John Smith lives in a part of his time with his wife, Liza, and their three children, in order to recover from his burn-out. He has, on the advice of its nursing staff, in an apartment outside of Volendam, rented to be able to have.

Smith told us earlier on social media that he was not physically and mentally able to do the job. In the meantime, the singer is busy with preparations for the presentation of the Eurovision song Contest, but that action, he does not have.

The Telegraph talks to his manager For Big that the lead singer for five weeks in a Spanish clinic, has been there, under the guidance of Dutch physiotherapists to be treated at a burn-out.

To make the process of in the Netherlands is to pursue, will Smith, will not only be treated, but it is due to him and his surroundings, and decided that it is a good idea as it is now a place for himself.

“That is, in such a way, with his wife, Liza, his family, his treatment team, and our. A home is often too noisy for him. With three children, ages twelve, nine and six, will be the home to a lot of, if they are still friends, and friends of the school to take with them. And that, kids, you can’t expect them to always be with my dad, who want peace and quiet. That is what they are after about two minutes, but, again, forget it. We have this place now, outside of the city centre, where day and night he can go when he needs to. His therapist thought that was the best solution for the time being.”

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