John Roberts the new swing justice? With Kennedy out, the chief is ready to swing the court strike force

Chief Justice John Roberts has a Chance, with a new force on the Supreme Court, as a “swing” justice in the Wake of Anthony Kennedy to retire.


With Justice Anthony Kennedy, the man President Trump once as an “absolute disaster,” it may be, is ready to inherit the mantle of the “swing” justice, and consolidates his power on the Supreme court.

Whether Chief Justice John Roberts can or wants to fill in the vacuum is the big question, in justice-circles just now.

“If the President, as everyone expects, it will appoint to fill a conservative justice Kennedy is the seat, the headlight, the displacement of the chief justice to be viewed, rightly or wrongly, as the wings of justice,” said Thomas Dupree, a former top Bush justice Department official. “In many ways, I think that would be a role that would welcome the chief justice. He played this role.”


Shannon Bream come on the “seismic shift” to the Supreme Court

While Roberts chief justice Kennedy has long been the power. He has the reputation to be proved right or not, the man in the middle, whose votes on a number of hot-button topics as crucial, a 30-year high court career.

But the President George W. Bush appointed Roberts flashed has its own strip in the course of the years, including ObamaCare, and could be the closest to a wild-card, which can be left on the bench. Kennedy hated the title of “swing” justice, and Roberts to come to the rue the perception that his future votes on the court for Disposition. Both men are conservatives, the nomination by the Republican President. Both see themselves as the institutional steward of the court of justice, in particular in the insular body to be free of party politics.


But for all the Democratic warnings that Kennedy and the rest provides an unobstructed conservative majority, the conservatives have their own concerns. To fill the President have control over the person’s Kennedy’s seat, but not the spirit of the chief justice.

Some right-wing legal activists have long believed that Roberts is someone whose voice you can take it for granted, in spite of the Republican 63-year-old chief justice be appointed with a more conservative record for 13 years.

It is the Roberts court now,” said Michael Dorf, a Cornell law school professor who also runs legal blog. “The new judiciary is certainly independent, at least as conservative as CJ Roberts, how to do this, the chief justice is now the center of the court.”

Those close to Roberts told Fox News that he was particularly sensitive to political attacks on the court as an institution and its role as a fair arbitrator of the rule of law.

The “boss”, as he is informally known around the court, has publicly stated his long-standing efforts to forge consensus with his colleagues, whenever possible, show respect for precedent and preservation of the court’s reputation.

In 2014, the speech, he said the “partisan rancor” among the members of the Congress “that impedes their ability to fulfill their functions. I don’t want this to spill over and affect us.”

“It’s the Roberts court is now.”

– Michael Dorf, a Cornell law school professor

This was after Roberts’ dramatic 2012 the voice of the defense decides the key financing provision of the Affordable Care Act, saving then-President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

The conservatives called it a calculated act of betrayal, a story Trump echo on the campaign trail.

“Justice Roberts really let us down,” to candidate Trump said in a December 2015 at the campaign rally. “What he has with ObamaCare is disgraceful, and I think he did, because he wanted to be popular inside the Beltway.”

In other talk, Trump has used words like “disappointment” and “nightmare.” He was the late justice Antonin Scalia and justice Clarence Thomas had cited as his favorites.

As President, Trump heaped praise on the moderate-conservative Kennedy after his retirement announcement, meet privately with the 81-year-old justice in the White house on Wednesday shortly after the news was revealed.

For Trump, as the new court is nothing less than a question of legacy.

Since the beginning of his term in office, the White house aggressively to fill dozens of below was the courtyard with the conservatives in the Trump mold to know, this is allegedly the greatest influence on the General rule of law. Since the high court will have to hope the last word on the legal problems, big and small, the President can only that his new candidate – along with Roberts – will stick with other conservatives.

Elizabeth Wydra, President of the progressive Constitutional Accountability Center, views of those who check as Roberts as a critical Trump the possible exaggerations.

“The judiciary is an important test in the next few years,” she said. “And they serve as a check, especially when there are threats to the constitutional structure.”

Some of the liberal leaders of tender hope Roberts adopts a more active role as a “swing” votes, but there are conflicting statements, he would drift to the left with dedication

Roberts wrote the year 2015, in dissent, if the court made that state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage. He said the 5-4 majority, concluded: written by Kennedy of a nationwide guaranteed was guided right to the equal protection and due process to fail.

In the language of many social conservatives applauded, Roberts said in the opinion about a political, not a legal decision.

“The court has invalidated the marriage laws forms more than half of the States and orders of the transformation of a social institution, the basis of human society for thousands of years,” he said. “Just who do we think we are?”

And in the last few weeks, Roberts was firmly in the conservative camp, in two high-profile cases: siding with Trump on the so-called “travel ban” and in favor of the Colorado baker, citing his Christian views, if the denial of a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

But the ridicule poured out upon the right, when Roberts last week sided with the four liberal judges, rule against the administration on whether the police obtained a warrant cell phone records. He pointed to the privacy of Americans on the law enforcement.

Ten days before Scalia in 2016, the death of Roberts to make the case that the courts should have a limited role to be resistance to the temptation, the final arbiter of the questions, large and small, was unusually open. And he provided an anticipated warning about the impact of a partisan battle to fill future Supreme court vacancies.

“We work not as Democrats or Republicans, and I think it is a very unfortunate perception that the public might from the confirmation process,” he said. “If you have a strong political disagreement, consultation process, it increases the risk that whoever comes, it will be considered in this regard.”

Then Roberts addressed indirectly by proposals roiling the presidential primaries that he, and the court engaging in “judicial activism” is the ultimate dis.

“If we maintain a certain political decision, that remains the decision of the political branches and the fact that it can cause to the criticism of us is often a mistake,” he said. “We have the above or in addition to the criticism, because we, of course, unpopular decisions — very unpopular decisions.”

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