John Lennon’s assassin’s wife reveals that she knew of the plot to the murder of the Beatles star

John Lennon’s assassin’s wife reveals that she knew of the plans to murder the Beatle, two months before her husband shot him to death in 1980


John Lennon’s killer told his wife his plans to murder the Beatle, two months before shooting him to death in 1980, on the basis of new reports.

Gloria Hiroko Chapman, the wife of the killer Mark Chapman told The Daily Mirror that her murderous hubby revealed his plot after his return to Hawaii from a trip from New York.

“He came home scared, he told me that to make a name for himself, he was planning to kill Lennon. But he said, my love for him had saved,” Hiroko, 67, told the British tabloid.

But the woman claims that she had no idea Chapman, now 63, was on a murder mission when he returned to New York two months later.

“The only reason I was OK with Mark, making another trip was because I believed him when he said that he needed to grow up as an adult man, and needed time to think about his life,” she said. “He wanted me to sacrifice to only for a short time, so that we could have a long, happy marriage together.”

Chapman also “lied” to Hiroko about getting rid of his gun.

“He said he threw the gun in the ocean, and I believed him,” she said.

Chapman, who shot the cultural icon four times in the back at close range, will be up for parole for the 10th time on Aug. 20. Lennon, who was 40, bled to death in the arms of his wife Yoko Ono.

But Chapman’s dedicated and faithful religious wife remained with her husband for the last 38 years, while he was in prison and has no plans to leave him.

The two are allowed to spend 44 hours per year during the visits and Hiroko said they spend their time making pizzas, watching “Wheel of Fortune” and having sex in a caravan on the site of the Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, New York.

After the murder on Dec. 8, 1980, Hiroko said that her life changed dramatically.

“I was now Mrs Mark David Chapman, the wife of a murderer and not just any murderer, but one of which the victim was known and loved by millions of people all over the world,” said Hiroko.

This story was previously published in the New York Post.

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