John Delaney reports fundraising surge, enjoys a rare spotlight after Detroit debate

nearvideo John Delaney takes shots at Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders in round two of the 2020 democratic debates

John Delaney responded to round two for the year 2020 in the Democratic presidential primary debates.

DETROIT – John Delaney was running for the White house for two years.

Now – for the first time since he made his offer, launched only six months in Donald Trump’s presidency – the former three-term centrist Congressman from Maryland and a longshot for the presidential nomination, has power, a part of the conversation, thanks to his Tuesday night debate.

While the experts are divided as to whether Delaney, a winner was leading the charge top-tier progressive standard-bearer Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on their proposals for a “Medicare blow-for-all-to eliminate system” of private health insurance or a loser for getting hammered like Sanders and Warren returned fire, Delaney ‘ s is spoken.


And that is apparently paying off.

Delaney’s campaign, told Fox News on Wednesday morning that she saw a 10-fold increase in fundraising during the 24 hours round-the-showdown – the first of two back-to-back nights for the second round of democratic presidential-nomination debates.

While it is unclear how much of a godsend that the multi-millionaire candidate has usually already self-funding his campaign, and only brought in $284,476 of Fans in the April-June second quarter of fundraising, is far behind most of its 2020 rivals – Delaney generates enthusiasm for the cause of the charges against Medicare-for-all and serves as a foil to Warren and Sanders.

“If we lose on some of these things, we, Donald Trump,” Delaney Fox News hours said ahead of Tuesday night’s discussion.

Even before the survey started, Delaney took aim on the two senators with the argument, “we can go down that road, Senator Sanders and Senator Warren, would have us, with the bad policies, such as Medicare-for-all, promising everything for free and impossible, that will turn off independent voters and get Trump re-elected.”

Minutes later, Sanders ‘Delaney’ s answered succinctly, criticism, and says to him “you’re wrong.”


Warren Sanders stepped in to defend Medicare-for-all, punish their critics.

“Let us be clear about this. We are the Democrats. We are not to try to get health care from anyone. This is what the Republicans are trying to do,” she said, to the applause of the crowd.

And you specifically pushed back against Delaney, with the argument, “I don’t understand why someone goes to all the trouble of running for President of the United States to speak only about what we do really can and should not fight. I don’t understand it.”

The line went viral and was talked about among the most-about moments in the debate.

Later, in the spin room, Delaney pushed her back on Warren, told Fox News: “this sounds like someone who does not want to defend their policy.”

“We need big ideas, but you need to be practical. I always think, you have to be able to answer three questions to the American people – is a viable idea, as you pay for it as you go to get it done,” he highlighted.

And Delaney touted that “I have great ideas for all the important topics. All my plans are feasible. I’ll tell you what, I’ll pay for them and I tell people exactly how to get me to go do it.”

Delaney continued his attacks on Sanders and Warren Wednesday morning on ‘Fox & Friends.’

“If you take what they say to an extreme, what comes next?” he asked. “Free holidays, free accommodation, free everything. I mean, at some point we have to pay for these things.”

Delaney grabbed 10 minutes of speaking time during the debate – less than most of its competitors on the stage. But he appeared, to the moments in the spotlight.

“I think I created a clear contrast between the people run on these impossible promises, and one that has real solutions. And I think that is what the American people. Because, by the way, as we are independents, which is how we beat the us, Donald Trump win. But this is also how we govern.”

After the debate, even one of his rivals, fellow centrist John Hickenlooper, gave Delaney a thumbs up.

“Delaney went very well,” the former Colorado Governor, told Fox News.

It was apparently a good night to Delaney, he still has a battle to reach the higher polling and fundraising thresholds necessary, to the third and fourth rounds of the debates in September and October.

And Delaney has recently admitted to Fox News that it would be a challenge to continue on, if he is not the stage for those showdowns.

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